My scratch built 40 series trailer.

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Aug 14, 2008
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I had a couple of hours spare after work so I welded in the floor braces today.

Here's a bit of a mock up with it sitting behind the shorty.

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Thanks reevesci, I'm trying to get it done as quick as I can because work is starting to get busier for me & come December I'll be working pretty much 7 days a week until the start of february.
The frame I had bent at an engineering shop henry.

OK update time. Work has kept me tied up latley but I was able to get some time on it today so I made the mudguards for it.
I had to make them from scratch because there is only one engineering shop where I live & they aren't open on weekends. I had some gal sheet metal so I cut it to size & set about folding each long edge in opposite directions. I did this by marking the section to be folded up & them puting it in a bench vice & bending it & beating it with a hammer. I then cut the folded section so I could bend the guards into shape & fit them into the trailer. It took a while but I finally got them done.

Here what I got done.

Thanks for looking.
Cheers croozy
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That's alright mate. I got the idea from someone else. :)
Meanwhile I went out to do a bit more today on it. I decided to have a bit of a play to work out my wheel travel.
Where it sit now it will have 9" of up travel. I originaly wanted it to sit the same height as the rear of the shorty & it is still 2" lower then the rear of the car. But I will see if it needs to go higher or not.

Then I had a crack at puting more work into the body. I welded some more panel supports in until my mig went on the fritz & wouldn't work. So I spent the rest of the arvo fixing the bloody welder.
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I had the day off work today so what better way to spend it then doing more on the trailer.
I got some steel delivered & started measuring & cutting up the pieces for the chassis.

I got most of the chassis welded up & just need to fit the drawbar in.

Next I set it all up on my workbench & put the springs I'm using under it to work out where the axle will sit.

Then I made up some spring hangers for the front of the springs.

Tomorrow I'll get a bit more done & hopfully have the springs all set up.
Well here's today's effort. I spent 4 hours running around town getting all the stuff I needed before the shops shut at lunch time & that way I could just get into it without stopping.
My aim for today was to get the chassis almost finished & the suspension in.
After measuring, checking & then measuring & checking again......& again. I set the springs into position.

I had it set up with the spring on the axle to make measurements for drilling the axle to fit on th springs & then later took it back to spring under, cut the axle to length & tacked the stubs in.

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Here's a pic of the shackle hangers that I made up.

I cut the front cross bar & fit the drawbar & welded it in, then took it outside to sit it behind the shorty. to see how long I wanted the drawbar. The other thing I'm trying to decide on is where to put the spare wheel. either on the front or if to make a swingout carrier & put it on the rear.

I settled on a length of 1500mm for the drawbar in the end.

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