My new (to me) 06 LX470

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May 14, 2016
Metro Detroit Michigan USA
OK well I finally did it and pulled the trigger on a LX.
I have been looking hard for the past month for a low mileage 06 or 07 LX470 and every time I found one it was gone before I was even able to initiate contact. Found a really low mileage one and was VERY excited as it was 1 owner, clean car fax etc etc LUCKILY BozNCSurf told me to check the Vin through Lexus and I saw last service Lexus noted LOTS of rust on underbody and frame questioning road worthiness....
Found an 06 with under 55K on it, I had a PPI on it which was a let down (the lack of information from the inspection not the results) and fortunately 2001LC from here kindly offered to take a quick look at it. There are a couple paint chips, one little surface rust spot and the axle boot needs to be replaced or reclamped but otherwise clean and solid!
The color was not my first choice but it was one I liked and I am happy with the Sand Dollar Pearl. I already have 33 BFG AT's on order to throw on right away but I really think I am going to replace the wheels soon (not a chrome fan). I also plan on doing a very light tint on the front windows (we are limited by law in Michigan), I am going to Platidip the chrome badging and the chrome that surrounds the license plate. Still need to decide VAIS or USASpec etc. I mostly listen to Sirius which is built in but still want to be able to listen to music on my iPhone as well as use Mapquest etc. Oh yeah can't forget a trip to Zeibart for the rust protection! I go through a very good car wash with underbody washing daily in the winter due to Michigan Road Salt but the Zeibart is added protection.
Anyway here are some pics.
Thanks to everyone in this forum for all of the info, time and help! Now time to sell the 08 Wrangler Rubicon UL!!! Gotta arrange shipping and then wait... Fun Fun!

Nice find, looks like its got the night vision stuff too...
Great pick up. Lifetime of fun with that low mileage.
Yes, came with the Night View as well. Not something I was looking for but the truck was the right truck and it had it so what was I going to do... I wasn't going to keep looking and pass up the best truck (for me) that I had found in a month. I can see using it when I go up North to my hunting property and in my subdivision often due to the large amount of deer we have around us.

I just ordered Lund Catch All floor mats from they gave me a nice discount when I used their chat feature to ask a couple questions and just nicely asked if they could do any better on price as I rather work with the company direct instead of using Amazon so they beat the Amazon price and gave me free shipping like I would have gotten on Amazon. I made sure to tell them I found them through the help of
Damn. So that's what a new '06 looks like. Great find.
Yeah, it's funny...
I have leased cars most of my life, my 08 Rubicon was the first car I ever purchased at all let alone on my own.
I am actually far more excited about getting this than I was my Rubicon which had a 6 mth wait list at the time HaHa.
Luckily I won't have to wait nearly as long to enjoy this!
Luckily I am keeping my BMW so I won't be carless which this is visiting the spa for tires, tint and a couple paint touch ups.
Can I ask your final purchase price? Congrats and enjoy!
Too much. Very little negotiation. There were others in line behind me. 100 series all move quick. Low mileage fly.....
Based on the ad I found I paid basically the same amount a year ago for my '07 with 76k on it. I see people on here buying 100s for 10-15k and am surprised at the prices but I am really happy about the low miles and condition I got mine in. A buddy bought an '02 I think for a ton less $ but it shows in overall condition. I've managed to get some pin stripping and I've dinged up my front quarter panel but the inside is really clean still and I'm happy with what I paid for it. It was a lot, but the alternative for me was a Jeep JKU and it would have cost me a few thousand more. (I had a 2 door JK and needed more room with a kid on the way...)

I got lucky though because the guy I bought mine from didn't know what he had and only had it listed on local non craiglist classifieds. He had been trying to sell it for about a month after I found it but I didn't buy for another month while I worked to sell my JK. I'm pretty confident had he listed it on a something like CL it would have gone pretty fast.
Nice, yeah while my Rubicon JKU is 2 years newer it has almost 100K on it and I just don't have the confidence in the Chrysler mini van engine I do in the Lexus/Toyota engine. Besides the ride is much more comfortable in the 100!
OK truck isn't here yet, perhaps later today or tomorrow still I went to Belle Tire today and ordered new wheels and tires!

BFG AT KO2's in 285/60/18 and went with the XD Machete Matte Gray with Black ring.

I really think they are going to look cool, it was hard to find a wheel since we have such limited options!
I did not want all black as the truck is Sand Dollar Pearl. Once I get the wheels and tires on I'm gonna have all the chrome done in a plastic dip close to the gray in the wheels. Gonna have a very light tint done on the front windows (really not supposed to have any in Michigan) and then the Viper remote start that hooks up with the phone. Perhaps a USASpec or VAIS but I really think that is it for me.
I must admit I am seriously debating pulling the third row seats and having a TruckVault installed (I'm LEO) and would be great for going to my hunt property etc.

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OK, the car carrier just dropped her off about an hour ago.
She is DUSTY as hell, seems the driver got stuck in a few detours.
He did not have the title, bill of sale etc with him.
They sent me the paperwork over a week ago to sign which I did and returned by overnight mail
But no title in the truck either!
Just sent the salesman an email and hopefully they can overnight the papers so I can register and get her new shoes put on Friday.
I have had her a week now, I was outta town a couple days so she sat at the airport parking lot.
I have put new wheels and tires on and a couple hundred miles.
My 2014 BMW 335 ix M package is mad as it's been sitting for a week with no love.
This thing is a true land yacht! It's big, it's comfortable... It's unlike any other SUV I have owned. This level of luxury with the capabilities it has is just AWESOME! Who knows, after the BMW lease is up in Jan I think I may pick up an older Porsche 911 or something and a couple years after that I may lease a new LX whatever it is at that point. I've spent plenty of time in Land Rovers, G Wagens etc and seriously I am shocked the LX is truly in a class by itself.

In the next couple weeks I am going to take her to the detail shop for a serious cleaning and I will have them do a very light tint on the front windows as well as plati dip the chrome. After that I am going to do the Zeibart rust treatment (anything that will help with MI road salt) and the last thing I think I want to do is a Viper Cellular remote start, I travel a lot and it will be VERY nice to get to a warm defrosted car when I get out of the airport shuttle. Hopefully the Grom comes out as I will likely do that then as well.

Big thanks to everyone in the forum for helping me learn more about the 100 and helping me pick the perfect one for me!

Here is a pic if you did not see it before.


funny you mention your F30 sitting.

I have same car but it's RWD MSport with staggered summer rubber and it is never driven anymore. I am actually in the process of selling it for a lightly used CPO 997 911S. I figure I should get rid of the 335i soon since it is depreciating like mad (sounds like you leased so not much of a worry to you, I paid cash up front for new f30, doh!!) right now while a used 911 will be much further along the depreciation curve compared to our F30s.

Oh and nice looking LX! I bought my LC that lived 10 years in Detroit and it's got some rust issues but we love it none the less. Good call shipping one in.
Wife kidnapped the car to take the family up North to Traverse City for the weekend, they get home tomorrow.
Was the first time the wife drove it (she drives a Lincoln MKX) she was amazed with how comfortable it is and how well it drove on the freeway. They went to a winery and the only parking left was on a rough off road lot, others were leaving due to no parking for their sports cars, she said she smiled and went without hesitation.
Wife kidnapped the car to take the family up North to Traverse City for the weekend, they get home tomorrow.
Was the first time the wife drove it (she drives a Lincoln MKX) she was amazed with how comfortable it is and how well it drove on the freeway. They went to a winery and the only parking left was on a rough off road lot, others were leaving due to no parking for their sports cars, she said she smiled and went without hesitation.

You are screwed...

My wife said we should buy our LX for me, now I have to book the days I want to drive it in advance. She is reluctant to switch vehicles now.

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