1. onetruth1130

    Wanted  2nd row seat for my LX450. fabric is ok too

    anyone selling a second row seat? im in NEW JERSEY so the closer the easier.. please let me know! thanks! oh fabric is prefered. 1996 LX450
  2. In2cruisers

    OK... where is my water temp switch on the block?? ----3B-----

    I have everything torn apart doing a turbo mod....so I thought I would chase gremlins while she is down.. Trans is pulled due to on again, off again 5th gear issues. Also had intermittent water temp issues so might as well swap out sending unit... The rig is a a buddys so cant look at the moment
  3. akarilo

    craigslist  16" Factory LX470 Wheels (5) $200 Tulsa, OK

    No affiliation, just thought I'd pass it on. 2002 lx470 wheels and tires

    Is this grease ok for our wheel bearings?

    We have truck loads of this stuff at work and use it on MUCH larger bearings, but they're not exactly high speed :hmm: I'll be repacking my rear bearings for the first time next week (keep in mind my rig has over 400k on the odometer) Would this be ok for a repack? Kind confused with the...
  5. Q

    OK to power-wash the engine bay?

    Is cleaning the engine bay as simple as going to town with a power-washer from the local DIY car wash? Any areas to watch out for when cleaning it? Thanks for the help.
  6. drowssap

    Ok I need help...flasher relay location

    I spent hours DIGGING all over the internet on 4 different forums and I cannot find a diagram showing where this damn thing is located. I have opened so many threads that started off asking the same question but someone would always chime in and tell the OP to solve his problem using a different...
  7. W

    My new (to me) 06 LX470

    OK well I finally did it and pulled the trigger on a LX. I have been looking hard for the past month for a low mileage 06 or 07 LX470 and every time I found one it was gone before I was even able to initiate contact. Found a really low mileage one and was VERY excited as it was 1 owner, clean...
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