My front drive shaft adventure

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Oct 8, 2007
Boston, MA
The clearance between the front driveshaft and TH400 in my FJ just wasn't cutting it, and hopefully my solution will help someone in the future.

I ran across a few posts here about the Advance Adapters kit, but I was pretty confused at how it's supposed to be constructed ( as were other posters...). I went down to my local drive shaft shop and turns out it didn't make a whole lot of sense to them either. My guy thought he could do better, and advance adapters allows you to order individual parts from the kit.

- modified xfer case output flange from advance adapters: part #716372 ( only $25!)
- Neapco flange yoke (mates to AA flange on xfer case): N2-2-899-1
- Spicer spline (slip assembly): 2-40-1291
- Spicer sleeve yoke ( slip assembly): 2-3-8001KX
- Spicer C & B ( u-joint ): 5-153x
- Spicer bolt ( to bolt to AA flange ): 5-73-414
- Spicer washer: 500357-10 ( to bolt to AA flange )

I'm not sure if I saved money ( $340.24 out the door ), but this assembly is STRONG as hell and replacement Spicer parts are easily found. This shaft still requires a little modification to the side of the tranny pan, but instead of a hairs width of clearance, it's more like 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch. The u-joint, while a tad smaller, is a part # spicer lists for Toyota, so it's not using some small wimpy joint from another truck.

Hope this helps someone in the future.
I did the same thing on one of my vortec swaps too. I used a 4L60E and the clearance was ...well, not there with the tranny. I had a driveline shop build me a 1 1/4" diameter shaft with a long slip.... I went from a fraction of clearance to a full 2 inches.
It was the only way to go. It also uses the same joints as the flanges are similar with the shaft being smaller dia.
Thanks for the info! I'm about to cross this path. Do you have any pictures?
I can post up some pictures, just tell me what you're looking for. FYI, since I did this, I've noticed other xfer case output flanges on other sites, so the AA one certainly isn't the only option.
I'll try and look at what other options are out there. If you have time, I'd like to see how much cleanance you have between the flange/shaft and the pan. Any idea if any stock application use that Neapco flange yoke assembly. I'm wondering if I could order the AA flange then find a stock shaft that would mount to it.
The neapco flange is used in Toyota applications according to guy that built my drive shaft. Which Toyota vehicles it's used in exactly I'm not sure.

Using the shaft from another vehicle presents two challenges. The first is even if find something to match up to the (smaller) AA xfer case output flange, the other end would still have to match up to the (bigger)stock axle flange. I don't think there are too many vehicles out there using different size yokes/joints. Second is the length, which would almost certainly need to be modified in some manner that probably wouldn't be cheap.

I found a bunch of nice looking, multi hole, flanges at cruiser outfitters the other day -> Cruiser Outfitters flange page. This might be a place to start your adventures!
Thanks, I figured what ever I did I would have to modify it. I figured I'd just combined the smaller shaft with the stock fj40 shaft. I don't need the long slip, just the clearance.
pictures would be nice for me too.
FYI, for guys trying to go this route, I just spoke with Advanced Adapters. The modified transfer case output flange is now running about $150. At that price it would probably be worth ordering the whole kit!
I went a different route all together...... 3speed case, AA adapter, Turbo 400.

After pricing out the AA kit to be delivered to Canada, I figured I could figure something else out.

I used a 79-81 Mini Truck Female end to Flange on the tcase side to a 98 Tacoma DC shaft to the front axle. Fits Great! :)

I had to re-drill the flange on both sides, but the ring centered the shaft.

I also had to machine down the "ears" and cut the corner off of the Turbo 400 Trans. There is about 1/4" clearance to the pan.

There is still 1/2" of gasket there on the Trans.

I will take some pictures tonight. :beer:
I never had any issues with the AA flange and yoke kit on my 700R4/4L60. Doing a clean job of providing the necessary pan clearance was a more interesting challenge.
Dr. Claw, I'd love to see pictures. I ended up ordering the AA kit but it would be nice to document the route you went for others. I'd also like to see how the DC worked out. I'm pointed up about 5 degrees on my Tcase output and I'm worried about vibration with the standard shaft.
me too , one day i would like to get a DC shaft for my front end .
Ok... full disclosure.... all wrecking yard parts FYI

79-82 mini truck female slip joint to 3 speed case

Turbo 400 cut with a zip disk and sanded with a flap disk.

98ish Tacoma Short Box 4x4 rear shaft, Double Cardon "male end"

Grade 8 hardware purchased new :grinpimp:
I wanna see the dc end also. Please.
Looks like it clears just fine. Although, it appears to be a standard single Carden joint. I'm guessing those are grade 8 standard thread with nylocks?
Here is a picture of the DC joint on my rear drive shaft.

DC shaft from a Tacoma.

Normally I wouldn't run a DC shaft on the pinion side, but there isn't enough clearance between the pan and the output flange.

I don't really need a DC shaft, but it was $40 from the wrecker and it was the lenght.


As for bolt sizes, I know they look odd.

Both are Grade 8. I used huge Nylocks because that is what I had :) I think the wrench size is 17mm.

Tcase side is metric... I think 6mm?

Pinion side is 5/16 I think?
DC shaft 2.jpg
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