My exhaust system has been exhausting

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Jan 22, 2023
For reference I drive a 94 with the 1FZ-FE

Well this is my first post on this thread because it appears every single component in my 80 exhaust was broken or on its way out when I bought it a little less than a year ago. In this order I've replaced the catalytic converters, EGR, O2 sensors and EGR temp sensor. However I am STILL having exhaust issues.

Recently had the EGR temp sensor replaced as I've been having EGR system troubles since replacing the EGR I just haven't had the money to do so for a bit. Had a Toyota shop in the area diagnose what was going on and yes the EGR works and they didn't mention anything about the vacuum/vsv so I'm assuming its working. The shop said that I'm still throwing O2 sensor codes and I checked the resistance of the O2 sensors and they both read on my multimeter but the code came up again today anyway :). When reading the codes (28,71) the EGR code came up. I'm wondering if the O2 sensor is causing the EGR code. I'm also wondering if the wiring for the O2 sensor is what is causing this issue. I'm so close to getting this exhaust headache taken care of but I'm just not sure what to do from here.

Sorry for the long post but any help would be appreciated. I should note I did pull my spark plugs recently and although the threads of cylinder 6 had a little oil on them they all looked normal light gray nothing significantly wrong.

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