mudflaps, fender flares?

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Oct 22, 2003
Juneau, AK
My 89 FJ62 has neither at the present time. It has 31's on 7" aluminum rims. The tires appear to fit inside the wheelwells, but some mud and dirt still finds its way onto the fenders. I'm planning to POR-15 the wheelwells sometime soon before any rust gets started there. My question is whether or not I should bother to replace the mudflaps that are missing from it, get fender flares or not bother and spend my money elsewhere. Thanks.
I would say don't worry about it until you are getting harrassed by the highway patrol, but I doubt that will happen since you are running 31's. I would put time and money elsewhere if it were me.
Here in Washington mud flaps are your get out of jail free card if your rig is on the EDGE. Is your lift to tall, are your tires sticking out to far, etc etc etc. Mud flaps are what the police LOVE to see.

i took my mud flaps off because they did s*** for me. Plus my truck looks bigger without them. Only use mudflaps if its a legal issue and fender flares are way to expensive for what they really do for you.

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