Moving/LC Yard sale. FJ62 FS, FJ40 parts FS Virginia

Feb 11, 2004
8/3/05 I have sold most of the parts listed below on eBay in lots shortly after having the sale. The parts I still have for sale can be seen on the thread with this link

Friends, Land Cruiser owners,

First I want to apologize to anyone who I did not respond to in the last few weeks. I just haven’t had time. I haven’t even checked my mail in about three weeks. Here is the deal, I just moved to Woodstock Virginia, and I now I have no time with the longer commute and the projects that come along with a new home. I am now selling off all the parts this week.

Land Cruiser yard sale this weekend. Saturday June 25 from 12 noon till 5 PM. If you are interested let me know and I’ll send you directions. I am located 2 miles off I81 ½ hour south of Winchester and ½ hour north of Harrisonburg. Most of the parts will be priced low, a few parts will be priced fairly. Some of the parts include tops, PTO winch, hood, transmissions and other parts.

I will also be selling my mother’s red 1992 FJ62. $4400. It is in average condition with some new parts and many parts replaced over the last few years. The exhaust was just replaced. The complete brake system was replaced a couple of years ago and works great, it has a little rust on the rockers but not bad. The biggest problem is the heaters are not working well, I have two replacement ones to go along with it. The engine has a few oil leaks and it overheats above 65MPH. The radiator and t-stat were replaced a few years ago with a new Toyota radiator.

All the parts that do not sell this weekend will be placed on eBay in lots about the size of a pickup truck load. (I moved over 10 loads down here). Please only pay in cash on Saturday. There are 2 banks on my block in case you forget. I will try my best to respond to any e-mails in the next few days. All parts are sold as is with no warranty. I also will have some non LC free stuff, some metal pipe, lumber and other stuff. If anyone is into fish, I might sell some tanks.

If you want to look for my eBay auctions, my screen name is novacruiser, or you could serch just the titles for the words Land Cruiser FJ40 parts lot VA, NR.

The best way to get in touch with me is to e-mail me.

Thank you, Josh
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Feb 11, 2004
I just got the last load of parts down here and will have them set up by 12noon Sat.
Feb 19, 2004
Lewisville, NC
PArts list

Can you put up a parts list on here? I live in NC but am working on saturday. I may want some of the parts you have.

Feb 11, 2004
This is a portion of the stuff I have, Its most of the big stuff. Some of it might be sold, There are a lot of boxes of stuff that I never got around to listing. I made this list in April so here's the paste:

This list is as accurate as I can make it, I’m sure its leaving off a lot of small parts I don’t know I have, but I think the big parts are all listed.

Axles and driveline.

2x 4spd transmissions with transfer cases.
4spd transfer case disassembled (missing nose cone)
3spd transmission with transfer case
3spd transmission rebuilt
3spd transfer case disassembled
3spd bell housing
2x 4spd bell housings
Pair of 3.70 differential 3rd members rear has a little play
One 3.70 ring and pinion gear
12/76 brake booster great condition
9/74 brake booster
One pair of front and rear 77 FJ40 drive shafts, excellent condition
4 31x10.5 tires mounted on 15x8 wagon wheels, tires worn
4 31x10.5 tires mounted on 15x8 chrome wagon wheels
4 15x8 wagon wheels
15x10 wagon wheel
4 odd tires
Stock FJ40 drum brake wheel
Several (3x4spd and 1x 3spd?) good clutch, pressure plates and flywheels
One or two more flywheels
4spd transfer case shifter linkages
U bolts and spring plates
Several sets of stock FJ40 springs, 2 pairs in known good condition
Several shackles and frame pins
FJ62 hub caps
FJ60 rear hub caps
3spd flywheel cover

Body parts.

77 FJ40 hard top disassembled good condition
77 FJ40 hardtop fair condition
78 FJ40 hardtop needs work
74 FJ40 hardtop needs work disassembled
Parts to another hardtop
2 77 FJ40 gas tanks
Several FJ40 gas tank covers
Several FJ40 transmission tunnels
Several pairs of FJ40 hood aprons
2 FJ40 grills and bezels
74 FJ40 hood
3x 77 FJ40 front doors need rust repair
2x 77 FJ40 ambulance doors need rust repair
3x pre 74 windshield frames good condition, one has broken glass
78 FJ40 stock roll bar, only year of black roll bar with seatbelt mounts
2x pre 74 tire carriers
77 FJ40 jump seats need recovering
72 short FJ40 jump seats need repair
70 large FJ40 jump seats need recovering
2x 79 FJ40 front seats some rips in seats, one pair missing rails
One 77 front seat needs recovering
One 77 jump seat needs recovering
2x glove box doors
2x 77 consoles
79 console
Nice 77 FJ40 rear mat
1 or 2 FJ40 front mats with some tears
Late model interior door panels
77 FJ40 seat mounts
Most parts from a pair of FJ40 ambulance doors
3x FJ40 pedal assemblies
9/74 FJ40 rear upper door supports
79 rear heater
77 rear heater
77 front heater
77 front heater missing core
FJ40 bumperettes
FJ40 front and rear license plate brackets
FJ40 sun visors need recovering
Several FJ40 radiator splash shields
Several FJ40 skid plates 8x? 3spd and 4spd
FJ40 rear light splash shields x 3
5? FJ40 windshield washer bottles
Several coolant overflow bottles
One 79 FJ40 coolant overflow and washer bottle bracket sandblasted and painted
Early door strikers
2 FJ40 battery trays
Box of rear view mirrors
Box of interior parts, dash plugs. Ashtrays, defroster vent tubes


Early non USA carburetor with low miles
75 carburator
79 carburetor
74 carburetor
Complete emissions equipment off 79 FJ40
Complete emissions equipment off 77 FJ40
Some emissions parts off a 74,76,77,78 FJ40’s including
3x charcoal canisters
2x vapor separators
74 ECM
Various carburetor linkages
Aftermarket air filter housing
4x 2f air filter housings
2x F air filter housings
Early distributor with octane adjuster
79 distributor
3x 2x 77 distributor
Another distributor
3 coils with igniters
Couple of other coils
79 Alternator
5? 77 alternators
GM alternator
Several water pumps
Several pre 77 fuel pumps
2 starters
8 various manifolds
One 79 intake and exhaust manifold in great condition
79 alternator bracket
Complete 77 FJ40 exhaust
79 FJ40 header pipe and cat
Early engine fan
Several t-stat housings
79 oil cooler
3 radiators that need repair and supports

Dash controls and electrical

77 FJ40 front wire harness badly burnt good for connectors
77 FJ40 warm pull
77 FJ40 fresh pull
9/74 FJ40 Fan switch
10/78 FJ40 Headlight switch
9/74 FJ40 wiper switch
9/74 FJ40 dash brake light
77 FJ40 fuel tank sender
9/74 FJ40 hazard switch
77 FJ40 wiper switch
77 FJ40 heater control light and bracket
77 FJ40 fan switch
12/76 FJ40 fan switch
77 FJ40 dash light with bracket
9/74 FJ40 seatbelt buzzer
77 FJ40 cigarette lighter and socket
FJ40 interior light. No door position
FJ40 brake and seatbelt light
FJ40 inspection light socket
77 FJ40 fuse box cover
FJ40 oil pressure sender
FJ40 water temp sender
Pair of good FJ40 turn signals


FJ40 steering box, pitman arm, centering box, tierod setup
FJ60 or 62 PS pump and bracket


Universal tow bar from U Haul
Universal tow hitch from U haul
Large Sand blast cabinet
Large Ammo can
Disassembled York air compressor
Feb 11, 2004
I should have posted this with the last message, but am no longer interested inshiping stuff, I just don't have the time anymore. I'm not trying to be a ^&*# but aftermoving all this stuff I just want to be able to do otherthings than sell LC parts.



Jan 14, 2005
sounds like my place,,,,, ugh! hey if you decide to ship again pm me,,
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