Minitruck power steering

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Jun 8, 2003
I have a minitruck power steering (via the JT outfitters bracket)setup on my 1974 FJ40. I just finished the install and noticed the headbolts may need to be changed out. After the bracket is placed on top of the head, the bolts may be too short to get far enough (?) into the threads. I'd hate to smoke an engine over two bolts I should have or could have changed out easily.

Did anyone swap in longer headbolts to allow for the bracket thickness?Also has anyone has to do anything drastic to adjust for the odd angles from the pulleys on the block to the pump pulleys when this system was added? I have a slight angle going on the system that doesn't seem right.
I share your concern over the head bolts, so I ordered Bill Dorry's mounts that use the motormount bolts as a mounting point instead of the head bolts. You should be able to shim your pump with washers to line up with the other pulleys. They need to be parallel.
Ed Long :)
The JT bracket is around 3/16" thick I think, I have never used longer bolts on either F or 2F with that bracket and never had any problems. The bracket moves back and forth a good bit to help align the pullies. I have had to wallow out the adj slots a bit to get it just right.

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