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SOLD Memphis, TN: 1999 Lexus LX-470

Vehicle Model
  1. LX470
United States
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Hi Everyone,

I want to sell my 1999 LX470. The truck is originally from Maryland, and had only one owner from whom I bought it. Mileage is quite low (180k) with clean title, car runs and drives alright. However, there is some rust and some obvious improvements needed before a new owner can enjoy it to the fullest. I shall list some pros and cons here for you to consider.

1. New Exhaust.
2. New Starter.
3. Brand new OME 2.5 inch coils in the rear.
4. New Fuel Tank.
5. Plastic Fuel return and send lines.
6. New Battery.
7. 4 new Gabriel Shocks in Front and Rear.
8. AC/ENGINE/BRAKE/Center Differential/STEREO and other things work as usual.

After buying, my goal was to replace the air suspension with shock and spring and change the timing belt, water pump and at the very least fix all fuel lines before fixing the rust. Well I tried my best and did all the above things. Some still need to be done, and honestly, I don't have the money, and the truck has been sitting duck in the parking lot for the last few months. Better to sell it. These things I guess are essential for the new owners.

1. Timing Belt and Water Pump Replacement (I have no records and would recommend you to do it since I have not).
2. Torsion Bar Replacement (I have changed the rear suspension with shock and spring but the front needs a new torsion bar).
3. Replace the fuel delivery line to the fuel tank. (a 300 dollar part, I changed the fuel tank and lines to the engine but its essential).
4. Do something for the rust. (So far my knowledge goes, the frame is okay and you can get rid of the rust easily)
5. Fix the parking brake and sunroof (if you want).

In total, I have spent about $6500 on it with the initial buying cost and the improvements (as listed in the pros). I understand it may not be worth the same. However I think $5000 looks a fair amount. So $5000 is my asking price. I am not an expert in cars/trucks so please let me know what you think. I am willing to reconsider slightly. I have not posted this ad anywhere else cause you guys seem to be the ultra enthusiast. Please visit this album link for more pictures and videos. "Photo Link"

Please contact me at 'aungkonazim1@gmail.com'. I don't know if posting my cell number is safe here. Let's just correspond in the email. Thank you.





Jun 4, 2021
Memphis, TN
I have decided the asking price to be $4500 based on the lack of reactions. Please let me know what you think would be fair. I need to get rid of the truck soon. Thanks.
Jun 4, 2021
Memphis, TN
I have added more detailed pics of the under-carriage. Any feedback on the price will be very much appreciated. Thanks.
Jun 4, 2021
Memphis, TN
It needs suspension work if you are planning to drive it long distances (suspension work being changing the torsion bar to support the front weight). You also need to replace the fuel filler neck cause when putting in fuel it leaks.

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