Manifold block off plate question.

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Aug 9, 2016
I bought the plate and the recommended (2) gaskets.
The only issue I forsee is the difference in hole alignment due to the increased thickness of the ‘stack’.
I also had to re tap my manifold and get longer bolts but I think that is solved.
Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill or doing something wrong?




they will compress, and you only need one gasket as the plate does not need to be sealed to the intake manifold.
That’s what a friend was just saying (nix the second gasket). I’ll give it a go.
I’m hesitant to really torque them down as I re tapped the manifold and don’t want it to strip but I’ll try next time.
Know I will have to check mine.Solid plate and two gasket replaces metal heat riser insulator and two Gaskets.I'm thinking block off plate is a little thicker then original heat riser insulator but not that much difference as your photo show' mentioned above don't need gasket between plate and intake as long as intake is not cracked.This is a common repair to use gasket at intake for cracked intakes in that area if heat riser valve was to stick partly closed.
SOR is shows one of those plates made out of stainless, it would probably be closer to thickness of original heat riser insulator.I probable would have went stainless if I knew they were available when I did mine which is the exact one you are installing .
Also I just noticed your is a 1F mine is a 2F so pretty much everything i said is incorrect.LOL you don't have but one gasket no heat riser insulator...
The only reason I can see for you to be using plat is to seal off cracked intake manifold so you will need gasket top and bottom.
Hi,sounds like 1 gasket between exhaust side and no gasket against intake manifold.since intakes good well do the keep some heat off bottom of intake...Post pictures when you get it fitting and what you wound up doing .

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