making a cheater bar

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Apr 14, 2006
Tulsa, OK
I have a 1/2 Craftsman Breaker Bar (18 inch)

Is it safe to use a heavy duty, schedule 80 PVC pipe to slip over the handle? I'd prefer to use PVC as opposed to metal for the weight in my portable tool boxes.

I'm not working on excavators, or building bridges... just some basic automotive work with my friend. I was thinking maybe a 24 or 36 inch pipe.
get a telescoping breaker bar, saves room in your trucks tool box, or use your hi lift handle. I wouldnt use PVC, its not strong enough. The steel pipe should be safe to use, though I dont know what you should be needing a snipe to extend an 18" breaker bar for any single bolt on your truck. The 18" should have enough leverage to break or break loose any single nut or bolt.
When, not if, you really need to hog on the cheater bar the PVC will turn into shrapnel.
X2 PVC just isn't going to cut it. Get a piece of 1.5 inch 16 ga HREW steel. It is not that much heavier.
I use 3/4 or 1 inch galvanized 24 inch long pipe. Mike

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