Lx450 non running board front mud flaps?

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Aug 17, 2013
Little Rock, Arkansas
I took the running boards off of my rig yesterday and it looks like a different truck now. Even the wife said it was better looking. Side note: I did the Gamviti seat fix today and it worked like a charm.

However, looking at the parts diagram for the LX, it appears there's only the running board equipped front mud flaps available. Just curious if the front non running board LC flaps will bolt on to the LX? If anyone is aware I'd appreciate the information.
Yes, the LC front flaps work, my friend put them on his LX when he ditched the running boards for sliders.
Try this:

2016-07-26 17.34.40.jpg
2016-07-26 17.34.23.jpg
Call Lexus. They offer them color matched to the flairs .
Thanks. Did you go that route? If so, did you notice much difference in the color match from your older paint? Any idea on pricing?
My flares began spontaneously removing themselves as the FZJ got into tougher trails. I have some front flaps I'll give away (black) for the cost of shipping. PM me (anyone) if they want them.
I went with the black LC flaps on my LX. The rear flaps were black so the front matched up. I remember just the standard black ones still weren't cheap...
Front and rear if you have a cut bumper.

I need to make the rears if you didn't chop for a bumper.

These are also currently for the later model flares made of plastic
Can I see photos of the front and the price for the pair?

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