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May 25, 2007
Hey all,

Haven't posted in a while, been super busy at work. Anyway, the BFG a/t im running in 315/75/16 are getting old and worn. Since I'm not a hard core rock crawler, and planning to do more long range mixed terrain expeditions I wanted something that was an all terrain with good road manners, as well as some good grip in the back country and trails. After some research (and thinking of the pocketbook) I am going with the Mastercraft courser ATX, also in a 315/75/16 size. It gets good reviews, and my local tire shop that maintenances my box trucks is putting them on for $220 per tire, installed.

Since I haven't read many mudders running these, I thought I would be one of the guinea pigs on the board and run a brand that's not too common among cruiser heads. I believe that Mastercraft is a sub brand of Cooper tires, and the AXT tread pattern is very similar to the Cooper Discoverer AT3...

I will post up pics tomorrow once I get em installed! If an



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