low range without CDL possible? also pops out of low?

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May 21, 2011
safe to tow up hill on pavement in low with CDL unlocked?

What I want to do is be able to use low to get up the super steep but short hill that I have to drive to get to my house while pulling a trailer in about the 5000 pound range

The hill is about 1/4 mile long and steep enough that the top speed of the 3fe in L is @ 10 mph, that's towing nothing.

Is safe to do what I want to do?

Also how do I keep it from popping out of low.
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to clarify when I say safe, I mean safe for the drive line of the truck, I have never had a 4wd before and I don't want to spit parts all over the street.
You could run the hill in L with the CDL locked occasionally, doubt it would hurt anything but steering might be awkward.

The CDL switch with the 7 pin mod is the combo that nets what you want to do- control of the CDL regardless of transfer case gear selection.

The case popping out of low range is not normal, but I'm sure it's addressed somewhere here on the forum. 'Search' is your friend for this and the CDL switch w/ 7 pin mod.
the top speed of the 3fe in L.

Apparently you have a 91-92; you need to state that or you're wasting everyone's time.

On a 91-92, low range with open center diff is accomplished simply by unplugging the sensor (at the t-case) that tells the diff lock circuit that the tranfer case has been shifted into low. Then, whether in hi or low, use the stock dash switch to lock/unlock the center diff.

Popping out of low is a completely separate issue.
You'll be fine with CDL in or out for such a short pull. Most of us all have done it many times like at the boat ramps or pulling a travel trailer up a hill.
I don't think poping out of low will be a problem for you unless it does it on you now. If it does get it looked at before you try this.
Also how do I keep it from popping out of low.

I have never experienced this but it would be very hard to do. I think you're not fully locked into low range on the transfer case. The shifter is mounted on the transmission housing and is subject to poop and water. It's possible that the shifter is not allowing the transfer case gears to fully engage.
You can easily disconnect the shift lever linkage and manually work the transfer case. See if there's a difference in travel between the 2.

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