Lock Right versus PowerTrax No-Slip

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Open question to those who may know...

FJ60 daily driver...driven primarily on rural road/town, with snow/ice covering roads 4 months out of the year, mud season at least a month long, Summer very pleasant.

To avoid having to have the front hubs locked, and engaging 4 wheel drive off and on during the winter and spring seasons, I am considering putting a Lock Right or PowerTrax No-Slip in the rear end of the vehicle.

Pros and Cons?

I'm not real crazy about what I've heard with the Lock Right "clunking" in and out around corners etc., and the PowerTrax may be just as good under the same conditions without this particular drawback of the Lock Right.

I'll probably never go rockcrawling with this rig, but will encounter snow (3-12 inches) wet and dry, lots of ice, and hardpack mix, followed with mud and soft rural road.

All thoughts and opinions appreciated.

Cheers, and keep on Cruising!

The only time I ever notice the Lock Right is when I am idling around tight turns in a parking lot, so I say save your money and go with the LR. It takes about 10 minutes to figure out how to drive so that it won't make noise: Either keep a little acceleration or deceleration pressure on the ring gear. The LR (and other similar lockers) hate it when your are rapidly going back and forth between the drive and coast side of the ring gear teeth. It gets confused and can't figure out which side to drive and then "POP", "CLUNK".
If your doing alot of wheeling lockrite is for you If your doing alot of street driving and dont want the ass end kicking around and embarassing clunking in the parking lot of the local walmart noslip is for you
If you are going to be on ice an snow pack I wouldn't suggest either. I had lockrights in my 73 FJ and on ice and slick roads it had a tendency to push the front end in 2wd. I had to run 4wd to make a lot of corners. Also if there is a slight slope to the road the rear will try to slide in the direction of the slope. I would suggest a limited slip instead of an actual locker.

Just my .02 worth

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