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Apr 1, 2004
Northern Colorado
I try to take it easy on mine because it's a dumb, old motor but honestly it seems to just does whatever I ask without complaining. I don't have my EGT gauges installed yet so I may find surface of the sun temperatures going on in manifold which might change my approach when climbing grades on the highway.

I hear you, I usually drive around like a grandpa, but try to get on it at least one a trip to keep it cleaned out. I know with my fuel slightly turned up and more boost, I can get into to 1200's pushing hard up a hill. I haven't tested on a huge hill yet. Intercooling is in the future, and a better turbo would help it breath better....

it's still a tractor....just a little faster tractor.
Jan 17, 2021
They are not LJ78, they are VDJ78/79.The v8 will not fit in any narrow bodied 70m series.
The vdj and Lj78 has a total difference of about 4 inch , 2inch per side ... 1vd engine and a regular average gm v8-350 is about 3 inch wider on a 1vd engine . But its ok . I dont think anyone will use a diesel in the usa if so many 3uz or 3fz are in the junk yards for cheaper swaps . Unless they will just go for a new Ls swaps . Anyways , it was just an idea of mine . Before the vdj was in production , i wanted a Lj78 in v8 . But that cost so much in the philippines to do a swap like that . And when philippines started selling vdj.76 wagon brand new imported from dubai , i already was using a 2017 lc200 with 1vd engine . For the cost of lc200 in compare to a vdj76 , i think the lc200 has more value ...at 2017- Lc200 was us$87000 and vdj76 was at us$83000 ... anyways that was just me thinking ... thanks ....
Sep 28, 2002
Kamloops, BC Canada
what would this actually entail with an A440F?
LJ78 has 4.88 gears, with 4.11s that a BJ74 typically has, the A440 is too tall geared when you beyond stock tires.... in between those ratios lies a good balance.

There are options for solving all of these problems.

I would leave the 13BT in place, it's a great engine, suits the LJ78 platform for HP and torque and so on.

And, after reading your post - it sounds like the 13BT should have been re-gasketed at the very least before installation. It sounds like you had a failing head gasket or something very similar - which is super common on JDMs due to the sketchy and inadequate use of coolant in Japan to prevent internal corrosion at bay. Sorry to hear about your woes and all, that sucks.


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