LJ70 Gemini Alarm Issue

Oct 2, 2015
Las Vegas
Background... 1989 LJ70 Spainish Import, Gemini Alarm Installed. Never used it, since I didn't have the FOB.
The alarm did function with manual button under the dash, but I never activated it over the past few years.

So a General question for all the Electrical Gurus. I recently decided to pull this alarm out in order to clean up under the hood since the alarm horn took up some area that I needed to use.

There were (4) Western Union style splices/ bridges under the steering column and the large Black wire with white stripe was spliced with the "kill" / "activate" button.

I pulled all the "western union" splice / bridges and "re-connected" the large black wire w/white stripe.
It seemed easy enough... but now my starter isn't getting any juice.

In "RUN" the car dummy lights all illuminate as previously.
In "START" the starter isn't getting any juice. Just a click.

If anyone has any ideas what I need to do. I'd be most appreciative.

My only clues are,
1) There is a light green wire with black stripe and red ring dangling by the kick panel by itself.
2) One of the 4 "western union" style splices under the steering column has a light green w/black strip and red ring that seems identical.
(however, not sure how this wire would attach from the kick panel all the way to the steering column)

Thanks in advance, if anyone has any ideas.


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