Lighting questions-IPF 930 relay and 4 pin switch pinouts

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Feb 4, 2004
Cornelius NC
I am finally getting around to wiring the IPF Super Rally 930s that have been on my LX450 forever.
I've looked everywhere for a diagram for the 930s and their relay but have come up with nothing--is there any chance someone might have a PDF of how that relay is supposed to be wired?

Also (in my previous 80) i had it wired to this switch, but i can't find any info on the pinouts.
any idea what goes where w/that switch?


Put an ohm meter across the terminals of the relay. The 2 that have continuity are for the coil (logic). The other 2 are the closure (load).
Or use a 9 volt battery. The 2 pins that make the relay click are logic. The other 2 are load.
you've got 4 terminals on a relay, they are as follows
  • 30- Battery positive
  • 85- positive side of coil (this would be accessory or battery power going into the relay)
  • 86- ground side of coil (this would be the grounded side of the coil that you would control with your toggle switch)
  • 87- the output side of the relay. When you complete the coil circuit, and the relay clicks, this is the terminal that will provide your lights with power
Like stated above, using an ohm meter, find the two poles with continuity. The relay in front of me has about 94Ω through the coil. Once you find your coil pins, you want to hook one side to B+ and take the other side and tap it to the negative terminal of the battery. There should be a clicking noise heard from the relay operating. If it doesn't click than your relay is probably faulty. If it clicks, than you now know part of your circuit is good. Once you know that, you now only have 2 pins left, one side is the power side and one side is the load side (lights).
thanks Jon & Joe....the IPF relay is not a standard relay (it's the top photo), it has wires for high/low beams--this is a similar one from another IPF model (not sure exactly which one though) so i *think* one of the 3 wires on the right ties into the high beam circuit, not sure though.
The fog light switch (bottom two photos) has 4 connections, but only two positions (on/off).

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