KZJ 73 build dates? Possibly importing ...

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Mar 19, 2007
It's not easy to find info, so please bare with me ... and correct me when I'm wrong!

From what I gathered, the KZJ was available with the 3.0L Turbo Diesel (125hp), from model year 1993 and on (to 1996?). Saying I'm lusting after it is a gross understatement ...

If it was a 1993, I can only assume the manufacturing dates are earlier than that (doh!) ... but is there any way to figure out when exactly the first ones were built?

Why do I ask? Well, in Canada, if a car/truck is 15 years old or older (at the date of manufacture), you're free to import it, with no hassle whatsoever (similar to the US 25y/o thing).

So I guess you see where I'm going with this, now, don't you all?:D ... if 1993 models were assembled during june or july (or even fall!) of 1992, it means I could get ahold of one this summer/fall to drive around over here. But I'm 100% speculating on the build date, as I really have no idea when they started building them ... and I could use a bit of help here ...

Thanks in advance :)

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If Toyota says it is a 1993 it was made in 1993.

The first Japanese release of these were made in May of 1993.

Japan does not go in for that US system where the next year starts in September or August kind of thing.

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