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Jul 5, 2013
San Diego
There has been some chatter about various folks heading out. Myself, Justin, Gus, and Ansel are heading out thursday morning.

Drop some pins for where everyone is planning to camp. We don't really have a plan besides watching the events at the various spectator spots and then finding camp somewhere, away from the main drag.

We are thinking of bailing Sat after the main event and maybe finding a camp spot in Joshua Tree, before heading back Sunday.
Screenshot_20220127-161704_Gaia GPS.jpg
The wife and I are bringing the trailer but wont be able to leave till Friday afternoon. Plan on leaving Sunday afternoon.

Ansel here. Getting the troopy and hilux prepped. im thinking about buying a fat stack of taco meat (combo of chicken, adobada, carne asada) for at least 5 guys for dinner for a nifht. My buddy Wyatt’s flying back into town the day before we leave and I’ll be busy this weekend so if anybody needs me to pull some weight on behalf of the group to bring stuff, let me know sooner than later.
I'm planning on making tri tip sandwiches one night, so I'll take on one meal. Lunches will probably be on our own or grabbing something in Hammer town?
How did the weekend go???
We are actually heading out Thursday so we'll be out this weekend for the Every man's challenge and the Hammer race on Saturday.
Nice camping spot, but sad/disappointing to see all the graffiti on rocks...
What kind of a*#holes do that?
Never mind, rhetorical question...
Theres a lot of history around Giant Rock. Its also supposed to be a very spiritual place, so I'm sure it doesn't appreciate being tagged.

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