Keystone Monthly Ride September 14th (Guided Green Trail Ride)


Nov 21, 2007
Dover, DE
I thought I would get a jump on next months ride thread.

I have been chatting with Andy a bit and pitching the thought of doing another Guided Green Trail ride.
I feel the last trip was a success and with a lot of new members, I was hoping to get a few more out and meet some more members.

Call out to any interest?

Here is the link to the last trip: Guided Green Trail Ride May 4th - Rausch Creek

Thoughts on Rausch Creek for this run again?

If there is enough interest for this trip and enough people, we could always split the group up and do a Green Trail Ride and the more seasoned wheelers could hit the blue and blacks.

I am shooting to be there and will gladly be a trail guide again if needed.
@Crusha had put out there about having a season vet in the passenger seat if there is anyone out there not as comfortable and I am sure we can accommodate if needed.


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Jul 11, 2012
The People's Republik of Maryland
Thanks for the prompter! My wife is out of town the week before so that might give me a leg up on getting out of kid duty on the weekend ;).

Right now I’m trying to decide between the BESF trip, this one, and Fall Crawl. Not sure how many I’ll be able to get away with. I’ll check the calendar and clear it with the missus and let you know. Very much interested!

I need to get up that way sooner or later to grab the H41 @shmukster is stashing for me.

I actually might take up someone on an offer to copilot this time. Having a set of seasoned eyes telling me how to hit obstacles with my wheels, instead of my differentials, this time around would do my spleen and my 40 some good.


Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
Boy another green trail ride sounds like a plan. Andy did a tremendous job selecting trails and leading the way on the last green ride. Unfortunately I won't be around for that date and am sorry I'll miss what is sure to be a great time.
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