Keystone Monthly Ride September 14th (Guided Green Trail Ride)


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Jul 11, 2012
The People's Republik of Maryland
Not 100% sure, but I think everyone but Rick & Andy did the black loop off of 1A. I know the new 4Runner did it and so did I, pretty sure Vince was behind me and Mu behind him with Andy in the rear.

I'm still a bit disappointed that I decided not to try J, I need to get my head around body damage being OK. Already looking forward to next month.
I’m sure this is true but I don’t remember intentionally skipping anything other than “J.” That said with 23:1 gearing and 31’s everything feels like a black trail to me ;)

I also lost a fender flare and took a good hit to the quarter panel sometime around when @caz broke his shifter.

I’ll also pour one out for the 3-4 trees I hit. All in all - not my best work, by any means - and now I have a bunch of dents to fix!
Nov 21, 2007
Dover, DE
Also if I didn't say it before I would like to say it again, thank you too all that helped get my tires swapped out at the beginning of the day. So much going on I didn't get a chance to thank everyone. Thank You
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