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Aug 29, 2009
Erie, CO
Greetings to all my fellow FJ40 addicts. I'm a newbie from Erie, CO just checking in to the forums. I recently purchased a 1976 FJ40 in Boulder last summer and looking forward to living the FJ40 dream. My rig is a CLEAN FJ40 that is stock with no modifications - just twhat I was looking for.
There's a little rust on the tub above the wheel wells and some around the roll bar mounts. The PO installed rock shields, so I' m anxious to remove them to see what I've really got under there. I've started replacing most common components (e..g. brake master, booster, clutch master, clutch slave, etc.) out of necessity. I want to do a "rolling" restoration because I want to enjoy this rig and not look at it in the garage. I will replace/rebuild to the point of nothing left but the body because I don't want to "polish a turd." I want it in solid mechanical shape before I tackle the body.
I've been a cruiser addict since I was 16 living in Tucson running the washes with my buddies. Now I'm a retired 46 year old Navy Senior Chief with the financial means to support this addiction - just hope the Comptroller (wife) can put up with this.
iphone 21 Aug 2009 164.jpg
Hey There and welcome to MUD! Our rigs look VERY similar....mine's also a dune beige '76 :cool: ...I even have the same aftermarket side view mirrors. I must admit, I chuckled a little bit when you said that you have "the financial means to support this addiction." Yeah, we'll see buddy ;) Keep us posted with your progress....I'll be curious to see what lies under the diamond plate as well. :cheers:
Nice 40! Welcome!

Post up some close-up pics.

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