JP147's HJ47 Troopcarrier

Indestructible 47

the 40 - the old cattle truck
Jun 23, 2014
Super cool rig mate. I know it's awile back but what did ya think of the border track and how long did it take? Pretty keen to do it my self. Also, any dramas with the harrop in the front?
Aug 26, 2017
South Australia
Thanks mate.

I have done the border track a few times, always found it easy. Some people have trouble with the sand dunes but I have always been able to idle up them, low tyre pressure is the key. I think I had around 12psi.
Be careful with the bog holes at the end, some can be over roof level when full of water. Test with a stick if unsure, the deep ones can be avoided.

I have had no problems with the Harrop locker. I hope it holds up because I like how it briefly unlocks when changing direction, makes adjusting the line much easier with no power steering.

I pulled it out on the weekend since I am rebuilding the whole axle. Has some rust on it but is working fine.
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