1. samp

    2H 1984 HJ47 Electrical System Problems

    Hello, I have a 1984 2H HJ47 with the following problem. The voltage on the key switch at the ACC position reads the full battery voltage, however, whenever I switch to IG (ON) position, the voltage at the IG connection drops to around 5V. This results in many of the lights not working and the...
  2. ToyotaERN

    For Sale  Crescent city , hj47 2h , trans , t case

    Selling 1981 hj47 2h diesel , 4 speed trans , transfer case . Has 240k on odometer . It was pulled from a very nice cruiser. It’s located in crescent city California. Asking 4k obo . Also have the factory diesel tank , original hj47 troopy frame and some other parts. Cell is 707-218-0574. No...
  3. Dirtydog

    do hilux split rims fit a 40 series landcruiser?

    just purchased a set of hilux split rims without realising thinking they were landcruiser splits hah. anyone know if they’ll fit my hj47 troopy anyway!
  4. Gwagg

    12v 10.5v GP wiring diagram

    I have a 12volt 82 HJ47 - Aussie import. Ran for 3k miles then after the import, I can not get the plugs to glow. I have been following the wrong diagrams and have now started to trace each wire and make my own diagram. I have multiple troubleshooting guides for the super glow system. In...
  5. HJ47

    SOLD  MN - FJ40/45 HJ45/47 OEM Rear Tube Fuel Tank/Jerry Can Carrier

    Sold! MN - FJ40/45 HJ45/47 OEM Rear Tube Fuel Tank/Jerry Can Carrier Note: Jerry can holder has never been installed, but has been modified to attach on the right side @Racer65 OEM Jerry Can Holder he offers bolts directly on to this carrier. Very rare OEM item. $250 plus actual shipping...
  6. HJ47

    SOLD  MN - 4Plus FJ40 Rear Dual Swing Out Carrier w/ Tire & Basket

    Now sold. Asking $350 local pick up in Twin Cities, MN. Feb 2 update: I've cut off the side rails and weighed the pieces. Rear beam with the tire carrier is 97lb, and the basket side alone is 57lb (plus a few more if you want bolts/nuts/shackle). Greyhound is $157 for two pieces totaling...
  7. HJ47

    SOLD  MN - ***RHD FJ40/45*** 4Runner Bucket Seats with RHD Pattern Welded Brackets

    ***RHD FJ40/45*** 4Runner Bucket Seats with RHD Pattern Welded Brackets Attention RHD FJ40/FJ45 owners! (or LHD with a welder) I've got a pair of '85 4Runner bucket seats with mounting brackets welded on for a 40 series RHD. They are coming off an '84 RHD HJ47. They would work for LHD with...
  8. supraturbo

    Wanted  hzj75-hzj79 dual cab LHD up to 2004

    Hi land cruiser gurus, i am in the market for a dual cab land cruiser hzj75 or 79 up to 2004 (canada) and/or a modified hj47 dual cab in LHD as well. PM me if you can source that. If you can build me one like in the pictures contact me as well. the requierments: factory toyota diesel(hz...
  9. Gwagg

    Axle rebuild for my HJ47

    Grabbed the picture from another thread but I need to buy similar items. Matt and I got the HJ running, and I am motivated to get it road worthy, titled and on the road. I have a long list of things I need/want to do, but the first thing is to fix leaks. I also have new rear springs that I am...
  10. John in Utah

    For Sale  Non-US FJ40 Front Drums, wheel cylinders, 3" shoes

    I have the front drum brake assemblies off my 83 Middle East spec 40. $20 plus shipppng for the shoes and cylinders. Wheel hubs, backing plates and hardware, and large pattern knuckles are free if someone wants to pay to ship them. I will probably scrap all this but want to see if someone...
  11. FJ40GURU

    Vendor  40 series NOS OEM DASH LAMP

    Genuin new discontinued part Some scratches exist. $119 shipped.
  12. C

    HJ47 Troopy bent leaf spring plate and U-Bolts

    G'day All, I recently got my rear leaf springs for the Troopy resprung. When reinstalling them I found that the leaf spring seats are slightly bent upwards which causes the u-bolts to bend outwards when tightened to the correct tension. I haven't been able to source any new leaf spring seats...
  13. HJ47

    HJ47/FJ45 Rear Jump Seats - Seat Bottom/Back Plywood Measurements?

    Hello, I finally have a line on some OEM troopy seat frames. Does anyone have the measurements for the plywood seat bottoms, as well as the plywood for the long backrests? (see pic). I could estimate, but if someone knows... Thanks!
  14. Dashash

    H55F swap assistance (oil leak, frayed wires)

    Hi all, transplanting in an H55F into my HJ47 and just have a few questions for the group as I progress. 1) After removing the transmission and bell housing, I noticed my rear main seal was actually in what appeared to be pretty good shape, despite the fact that I have been leaking oil from the...
  15. HJ47

    SOLD  MN - FJ40/Troopy Forward Facing Rear Bench Seat and Mount Frame - Toyota 70 Series

    (Now Sold) MN - FJ40/Troopy Forward Facing Rear Bench Seat and Mount Frame - Toyota 70 Series Seat and frame are sold. Toyota 70 Series Bench Seat (very similar to the 60 Series bench) with heavy duty frame to mount to the tub (drill just four tub holes for your grade 8 hardware as the two...
  16. FJ40GURU

    SOLD  Rear license plate FJ40, BJ42, HJ47, FJ43

    Hi Mud, Rear license plate, Used. the plugs are missing, and there are 2 holes on each cover (damn it....!) $170 plus shipping from Australia
  17. koxfarm

    Pete’s cadet blue cab chassis HJ47

    This is to record the fine overhaul of Peter’s Australian issue HJ47 cab chassis, ute. It had been modified by previous owner, fitted with auxiliary tank and non specific double battery and some crazy mess of wiring. The body is 90% rust free with a few rust spots to be managed. We are going to...
  18. Aldog

    Are all 40 series transfer cases compatible?

    G'day. Recently I bought an 82 HJ47 Landcruiser, my second 40 series cruiser. The transfer case is rooted and now the outputs shaft flops around like nothing else and the only gear that goes in is 4L (they go in but they grind and do all sorts of s***. Also the case itslef is cracked.) I...
  19. supraturbo

    Wanted  fj40-45 DOUBLE CAB

    Looking to buy a fj40-fj45 double cab (no bandeirante) and would prefer a Toyota diesel engine but can look into other engines since i have quite a few 1HZ laying around collecting dust here. I am from Canada and i am a bit of a so called "Land cruiser Enthusiast" i guess. You can reply here...
  20. Paraglider

    Power steering options on an HJ47?

    Hi mudders, I've got 2 HJ47s and one's a bit tougher to steer than the other, so I'm thinking of installing power steering on it but don't know what's feasible. I know the 60 series power steering is a typical one but I'm hoping there are other options that would make it easier to find and easy...
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