It's Finally Arrived

Jun 7, 2005
I am now the proud owner of a 1989 HJ61 JDM. I am pumped... I didn't think I would be this excited, but as the days get closer to her being in my driveway and me behind the wheel :grinpimp: I am thrilled...
I have read that the 12HT Diesel can run up to 700k, with regalur maintenance. Currently I am driving my BF's very cool BJ74 JDM, and get many double takes. Of course mine wants to be "cooler"... :D, ( whats the saying: a family that plays together - stays together... so I am just going to play harder...) joking GB :doh:

I would love to hear some suggestions, opinions, thoughts and ideas for Maintenance and Mod's. I have already decided on the ARB Bulbar, Safari Snorkel, Belton Suspension with a lift, 24V Convertor. Would love some huge tires, but that might be pushing it - not practical for my purpose as a DD...

Needs a stereo as well - something that won't cost a fortune....

And - ALL this has to be approved by my 15 year old daughter, (her words, MOM I can't look like a geek), and two boys - 13 years, and 10 years.



Jul 22, 2003
Perth Western Australia
Hi Petra and congats. The 61 series is truly one of the great landcruisers.
The Beltons and 33 in tyres are a perfect combination for practical purposes and looks.
You definately wont look llike a geek:D
Try posting on the International forum for maintenance as it is more diesel and JDM related.
Theyll want pics too,Ill guarantee it:D
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