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Mar 5, 2008
3ft from the sun AZ
...And this is what you get in the past 12 years of owning and wrenching just to Own and wrench
rear roof rack cats eyes for spots corner
rear spot kc on roof rack
corner roof NITRIDER 30 watt for immediate area to work around truck
need rock lights

Base 1972 Toyota FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser (April 1972) Frame, clip and body matching numbers
original Front wing windows, need newer gasket around them however its a 68 front windshield frame.

Doors need new gasket around edge. Passenger does not mate. Re-drill hinge holes to work I guess

Need a good torque bar to rear end by ‘desert tools of az’

Autometer mini sport tach

Fabrication work - Gusseted frame and steering collar by RPM Fabrications (want rock sliders and skids and weld work on front pig)

6 gallon blue water jerry can and a Katadyn camp reservoir

350 Chevy conversion with shaved heads (245ft/lbs @ 2500rpm-50,000 miles on motor since rebuild)
HEI Distributor

New Toyota window regulators/cranks NOS

Aftermarket ignition switch from autozone (have original but needs a key made)

New wiper Switch NOS

XRP/Earls #8 aircraft hose and AN fitting for oil filter relocation (not installed yet)

Partial electrical wiring looming

Derale Duel row oil cooler with fan (not installed yet)
Have Transapapt oil filter relocation kit for this setup

Hitorque 4.2 HP small starter, installed but dopnt know if it works yet

Dbl Header gaskets by Eblebrock
High heat blanket for starter

16 gauge cut heat shield for starter (not installed)

Dodge Diesel Battery #2ga insolated cable starter wire

PPI External starter solenoid (not in use)

Block hugger headers corvette ls1 style
2-40 series dueled flowmaster mufflers

120 amp Hitachi one wire alternator internal regulator

#4 GAUGE silver coated alternator wire
Phoenix gold negative battery clamp

Front wheel two piston wilwood disk brake conversion

Wilwood 2lbs front brake residual valve
(Need Rear 2lbs residual valve)

Front DBA Gold slotted drilled and chamfered rotors
Rear DBA Gold slotted drilled and chamfered rotors

Windshield wipers NOS

need to hook up electrical to washer bottle,

Man a Fre rear single piston disk brake conversion

Original dual reservoir brake cylinder

Baer rear wheel brake adjustable proportioning valve

Iron pig off road Heavy duty rear diff cover

10-8.8 metric rear end carrier studs

New nos hood hold downs and hood rubber for clip

Have front grill hinge but no way to install.

New nos rear hatch handle

Working hatch rods for rear hatch

Working dbl rear swing doors

Rear LED reverse light

(Need swing away carrier)

(need to redo headers with new collector bolts and gaskets)

10 flange wip nuts

Blue torch fabrications Dual Battery box
(not installed and need Need PPI Digital mastermind isolator kit)

Yellow top Optima battery
Need aother battery

Extended #6 aircraft line/breather for valve cover-pvc

Auto-meter electrical volts and Water temp sending unit

New external electrical switch box with:
“6-waterproof 20amp 1.5 hp toggle switches and waterproof covers, 6-breakers, 10 gang fuse block with common positive and 6-30 amp 4 pin relays, main power in 75 amp phoenix gold breaker” for Fuel pump, MSD main, Msd distributor emerg cut off, Elec rad fan, elec oil cooler fan, purge pump for inner water bilge pump.

2-75 amp sollniods PPI one for relay to starter one and one for winch.

3” snorkel system of main pvc induction for external air cooler to carb (not for water fording per se, but cooler air and or limiter dust etc. (want to remover and stick into glove box)

K&N air cleaner

Soon to have h4 lights

SOR front Roll cage kit (not installed)

Aftermarket rear roll bar kit by Smitty-built

Rear roll bar pad

Three abc fire extinguishers -want to Buy “cold fire” system

Rear clevis (need to drop fuel tank skid plate to install)

Need to reinstall trailer hitch elecvtrical

Hella 300AMP emergency cut off switch

Uniden 78elite CB

5ft Wilson silver load CB antenna and
Cb antenna quick disconnect

Incline /Tilt Guage JDM)
3 ft secondary firestick CB antenna

Autometer Sport comp mini tachometer

Hilift, shovel, procomp strap, recovery equip.

Hi lift jack mount garvin wilderness
Upper spare tire mount to roof rack

Misc ammo cans for oil, tools, belts, hoses, fitting etc.

RCI puke can (overflow bottle)

Rancho 5000 rear shocks
Rancho 5000 steering stabilizerredo install inside of leaf spring area not in
between. Refer to picture

Rancho RSX front shocks

Warn locking hubs extra, warn premium locking hubs extra, Selectro hubs being used..these are the one before mile marker bought them out.

6 red saftety switches for all offroad lights, spots floods and rock, 6 fusable links and relays.: 1 road 5”rear offroad spots, 2 rear off road corner roof rack floods, 2 roof 30w lights rear backups, 2 rock lights, 2 upper roof rack front KCs, 2 bumper floods

Flow Kooler shortneck water pump and 185* thermostat

Edlebrock 1406 Carborator

Edlebrock aluminum radiator


MSD Sparkplug cables 8.5mm

MSD External REV limiter dial

MSD Blaster coil

Ron Davis Radiator

Black Magic Extreme 3300CFM electric fan with built in radiator shroud (mechanical on/off relay switch inside, not controlled by temperature of radiator

Rebuilt entire front axle end, bearing, wipes, races, etc. all re-done new hubs held on with studs not bolts
Locking hubs with lacing bolts (need lacing wire)

ARB pump

ARB front Locker

Rear Rebuilt full Detroit locker

Duel rear shock mounts already

Viair 400c pump

Firestone 2.5 gallon air tank for tires and or other apps

Viair small pump for airhorns

Haldley 130dB dual air-horn switch electric solenoid

Viair 1 gallon air tank

Have rear and front limiter straps (not installed, will need rear ear welded to install rear straps)

4 Leaf spring skid plates (only one installed)

Need ford shock towers

Extra Conn Ferr extended dog bones for leafs not using yet. Just extras

2-1/2” Dog bone lift

Advanced Handling Systems front end shackle kit (Needs reverse)

Super Duty front bull bar with D RINGS

Bellvue winch ( Identical to the 8274 winch)

External breather tubes for Axles

B&M Super cooler for power steering installed

Saginaw steering conversion RPM fabrication work done on it ... installed

High pressure Teflon insert power steering line

High pressure Earls low pressure side power steering hose

Downey 350 to3 speed transmission conversion housing

Centerforce Clutch

Original mechanical 3 speed transfer case

Transfer case/ tranny connection hose
May need new Chevy power steering pump

(Original ammeter doesn’t work in consule, however the fuel gauge does)

Radio delete cover is actually a volt meter and water temp gauge area

Galvin wilderness roofrack full length flooring’

Rear KC daylighters off road spots
5 MB motoring aluminum rims

5 Bf Goodrich ALL TERRAINS Ko 35 x12.5 x15

Need wire for glove box

Windshield is older than 72, using the 2 wiper motor setup. I use one wiper motor wired up to a switch at visor, since I haven’t tried to install both to see if they are timed right…I have 4 now,. seem to hard to find now

Rear Northwest industries 22 gallon tank with skid plate

Extended breather for rear tank

Original front tank I have 16 gallon Needs reinstalled I suggest RCI fuel cell and a Secondary tank switch)

Holly blue electrical pump (mounted to rear frame by cell, you may want to mount it somewhere else

Holly external fuel regulator-set at 7lbs.
#6 xrp fuel line from pump top carb

Oil can 40 microgram filter by pump.
(extra filter is in storage box under front seat)

I have an extra edlebrock rpm carb 800 cfm 1910 series
Led rear back up light

Led license plate light

Safety orbital leds tipped on cb antenna(looking for RED)

GPS GARMIN Oregon 550 (on my person)
Garmin 18 external GPS Antenna

Aces Netbook for garmin 18

GPS GARMIN eMAP (extra in glovebox for passenger for hiking, will sell with vehicle)

5 gallon jerry gas cans

Hilift jack mount to roof rack

Flashlight mount on tranny hump for Maglite

Rifle scabbard can fit on roll bar between seats

NEED new front driver seat

Need to install AA twin stick shifter

Need to route transfer air tube

Need to route tranny air tube

Need grab handle over glove box

Need door limiter straps (passenger door non operative)

Need swing away carrier (need ’76 bumper and taillights to work this set up
Need Drive shaft mounts for roof rack
Need new front drive shaft due to small twist in shaft

Needs speedo work/ cable seems to work

Front fender turn signal have rubber grommets to install xenon flashers (waterproofed)

Extra orange and red side markers
lenses and mountings

Extra fender turn signals

Gropro camera mounts and

3 gopro cameras (older model)

GARMIN roof mount antenna , howeverits magnetic so its on the hood

Acer laptop for GPS Software need laptop mount)

Two extra drive shafts with loops to hold to roof rack

Interior dome LED

Under hood leds for working on truck
Garvin roof with floor

straps and recovery equpt in bag for roof rack
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Feb 7, 2003
should have put the "fire extinguisher inside" sticker directly underneath the fire extinguisher, which is inside.
Apr 2, 2008
Victoria, BC
I can see where all your change has gone for the last 12 years...

I've not had to put much money into mine after the first 12 years... The next 12 will cost much less.
Mar 5, 2008
3ft from the sun AZ
Oh yes the fire ext stickers are going to be moved.
Haven't found the 1st cav mud flaps yet i want.

As for the dents. What dents? I see beauty marks...and some battle scars . Hooah!

As for the paint, the most current is the 14th layer and is the freshest as of rattle can white 5 years ago. The other colors are just too obtuse to list. Canary yellow and fire engine red was one of them. home depot orange and black was another .but Halloween only last so long.

I think I have more stuff done I just haven't really sat down and figured it out.

I literally had the sheet metal screw sown the fiberglass roof into the gutters it was splitting. the actually rivets that hold the roof to the front channel have popped so I'm about the bolt that down. the roof does have a sun roof which doesnt leak HAha.

As for Selling? Everything is supposedly for sale in life. however not until all my ducks are in a row will I consider parting this beast out. its an extension of Me. most guys when older buy a nice hot-rod or corvette as a chick magnet... this vehicle is my chick "filter" not a magnet. let them see this and then they can know me. Old, kinda broke down, bulletproof and still going strong with history. me and the truck. well me for now at least. I need a rear end, and get the tranny I got for it installed.

thanks for the comments I think they are great whether they be critique or high fives
Mar 5, 2008
3ft from the sun AZ
Oh BTW yes I do need the filler tube and the gas cap for the original tank.

However my original tank I picked up and the shield for free is from a JDM RH Im not sure if the tank will fit under the passenger seat of this Lefty,. will it sits there is a original cap there to cover the hole. seems neighbors like to flick their cig butts into the hole.

did I mention I have the AA twin stick. I just dont think I can use it or want to, I dont have a crawling gear at all., just all stock stuff, wish I could get at lewast 30:1 but I think its like 16:1. I need to reinstall my parking brake mechanism

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