It's Alive!

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Old Fart
Mar 1, 2002
After about 3 years my wife's 45 is back on the road again. I still have lots of little things to complete but it's back in one piece. Thanks for all of your help and thanks to Lance Williams and my son Ryan at IPOR for help with the paint.
IMGP1443 (2) (800x600).jpg
IMGP1446 (2) (800x600).jpg
IMGP1449 (2) (800x600).jpg
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It's far from perfect but the wife is happy.
IMGP1451 (2).jpg
IMGP1452 (2) (800x600).jpg
IMGP1442 (2) (600x800).jpg
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Looks great Bob! Im jealous.
Awesome! Looks great.
Nice! Cirbo, any updates on yours?
Beautiful. How'd you do the rear flares?

Here's a picture of the hack job I started with on the rear flares - nice angle iron. The new flares are 1" square tube against the bed and 1" round tube for the outside edge. I would have preferred the stock wheel opening but you work with what you've got.
very nice bob.
I bought it from Jeff Dozier and Tom Humphreys owned it prior to Jeff.
Looks outstanding...even for you :flipoff2: I'll send the piece of pork that Dozier sold me over to you cause I need a break from workin on stuff :grinpimp: It looks mucho nicer than when I saw it at Rausch a few years back :cheers: you done good :bounce: Now is :princess: bringing it to CMCC ?
The wifey tells me she coming to CMCC and camping at RC but I really don't see that happening. I'm going to try to bring the 45 either way.
Took the body lift off and gave it to someone who would appreciate it - he drives a Chevy pickup.
Wow! Is there a build thread on this somewhere that I've missed? It looks fantastic.:cheers::clap:


Looks great Bob!!
Great to see it back to life!

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