Is this the sound of a failing water pump???

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Mar 22, 2016
Kenosha, WI
Hi Everyone,

I've been trying to track down some under-hood noise and I've uploaded a video to share in an effort for some help. I know the Alternator Idler Pulley is bad because of the grinding sound and how loosely it wobbles. The water pump itself it tight... it just makes this weird rubbing on rubber sound. It doesn't seem normal to me, but I'm no expert. Here's the video:

How many miles on the water pump? My 1FZFE water pump made the same noise when it had a little over 200,000 miles on it, replaced it, no noise. The alternator belt idler pulley bearing sounds dry, time to replace it.
You can rule out the idler pulley by removing it and see if noise is still present. Some guys run without them.
If it is indeed water pump order Aisin on Rock Auto using 5% off coupon (search).
Doubt you will find cheaper than $56.79 + Shipping.
Gates sells a belt tightening tool ($12) to ensure your belts are tight enough.
How many miles on the water pump? My 1FZFE water pump made the same noise when it had a little over 200,000 miles on it, replaced it, no noise. The alternator belt idler pulley bearing sounds dry, time to replace it.

There are 278k miles on the odometer, but I've owned it less than a year. I don't have any vehicle history of the water pump ever being replaced. Okay, that's good to know about yours... I think I'm going to replace mine then. Hate to skimp on $100 here and pay $1000 more for a blown radiator/head gasket or whatever.
If your water pump is an AISIN part the date should be embossed on the pump body. Using a digital camera you should be able to grab a photo and then magnify it to see what year the pump was manufactured. FWIW.
Landcruiser water pump date.jpg
I'm in the middle of replacing the belts. My water pump makes the EXACT same noise. 250k miles on the OEM pump. I don't recall it ever making that noise, and if I spin it fast enough the noise disappears. Strong opinions on this? Rather not get it all assembled only to re-tear down. Looks like factory pumps are running about $135-ish.

And I've been running wo the idler bearing for a long time. Tired of swapping them out every 90k or so.
I would replace it.
Thanks for the response. Agreed. And certainly cannot complain about swapping a water pump at the 20 year mark. Plus I'm already half way to having it off with the belts removed.
BTW, anything needed beside the pump and gasket? Like sealant? Haven't checked the FSM yet.
There is a water pump gasket you should replace. It comes with the Toyota and the Aisin aftermarket pump I believe. I'm also replacing the thermostat and found a cool one that advertises its failure mode is open. Hopefully that'd really protect me against a head gasket failure or something else should it fail. Just an FYI, this didn't solve my original squeal... but it's peace of mind knowing that I've got a new one in there. I'm guessing it's my Power Steering pump now.
After 20 years you should replace everything you can afford. Unless you like the warm and cozy thought of stuff some day failing far away from home.
Ha. That would be a 200 series (except the afford part). Anyhow I was just wondering if the FSM called for FIGP, or something similar. I see not, so dry install on the gasket and bolts.

I've previously replaced the front main seal, fan disk fluid, oil pump seal, and radiator. New OEM belts are in hand. Not much left up there in the "while I'm there" mode. I guess I can do the thermostat. Especially at the price of coolant now days.
That is how mine sounded when I replaced it a few years back. Was it bad or on its way out? Maybe. That is the consensus I got from here. But I have piece of mind it was done, done right, and won't have to be bothered with for quite a while again.
Last time I ignored a strange water pump noise I found myself suddenly losing coolant at a rate of gallons per second on the side of the freeway. The ride share passengers were not very happy.
Do the thermostat while you are in there.. air hole on top. I'd do OEM only.
Just of follow up, the OEM water pump (16100-69325) arrives with a gasket included. It is one time use. A spare gasket is cheap insurance if you ever need to pull the pump off for any reason, however.

The OEM thermostat (90916-03117) does NOT include a new o-ring. That is 16346-66020. Remember jiggle valve up.

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