Ironman Foam Cell Pro 4” + accessories install plus review (5 Viewers)

May 3, 2016
odessa, tx
I installed the same kit last week exceptI alreadyhad dobinsons 4 inch lift shocks.. Truck rides smooth and drives straight but My steering arm is rubbing my radius arms and I have an occasional driveline vibe. Was hoping a DC driveshaft would fix the vibe. Im not so sure now after reading your post. Now I may just grind the arms and let it ride for a while. how much clearance do you have with between your radius arms and steering arm. I called ironman and they are now going to sell a drop bracket similar to Man a Fre as their "fix". To me it seems one could use a small 1 or 2 inch drop bracket with 2 or 3 degree caster plates. This would correct caster, give adequate room between radius armscand steering arm and cause minimal loss in breakover angle.




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