1. E

    For Sale  Los Angeles: 2004 Lexus LX470 (Front Runner, ARB, Ironman, BFG)
  2. J

    SOLD  San Francisco Bay Area: New Ironman 4x4 Recovery Boards by TRED

    Hi, I recently purchased Ironman4x4's 2" lift kit and they came with a pair of recovery boards. I am selling the never used boards since I wont be using them. $100 OBO. Regular price is $160. Ideally pick up/meetup in the SF Bay area.
  3. Bambino840

    For Sale  80/81 Full 4" Ironman suspension Edmonton,Alberta , Canada

    Like the ad says I have the full kit off of my 1992 hdj81. It was written off. I purchased this kit with the re-buidable foam cell shocks, the double cardan driveshaft and castor correction brackets. I also bought the adjustable sway bar front and rear and steering stabiliser. Spacers are not...
  4. Kolasin

    For Sale  Ironman Snorkel LC 100

    I just bought this snorkel, but when I tried to check the height with my garage clearance, it was too close for comfort. I didn't want to cut sheet metal, install it and have it end up being too high for the garage clearance. So I'm selling it instead . It's brand new. $75 + buyer pays...
  5. sugarsam

    Built 2004 GX470

    Feeler: 2004 GX470 Done Up! Wanting to upgrade to the GX460, details below! - Ironman Bumper - Warn 8k Winch & Synthetic Line - ARB 9.5" Intensity Lights - Light Controller (can install 5 more with the one controller) - ARB Awning 1250mm (2500mm not included) - OME/Bilstein 5100 Lift - FN...
  6. S

    Suspension install recommendation (NorCal)

    Hi folks: I recently got the Ironman Pro Foam suspension kit and need a recommendation on a shop in Northern California that would install it. My local mechanic only does stock and didn't want to take this on especially with the diff drop kit. OR I am ready to install it myself with help (and...
  7. The Great Him

    Ironman Sale

    all hundy bumpers and suspension from Ironman are on sale right now. PM me, or call Ironman 4x4 America for details and availability -offer valid only on in-stock items
  8. The Great Him

    Ironman sale

    all 80 series Ironman bumpers are on sale right now, PM me or call for sales details, same goes for full suspension kits. valid only on in-stock items
  9. sugarsam

    SOLD  GX470 Prado 120 Ironman Bumper Brand New Wrapped

    I have brand new bumper wrapped still. Picked it up but I am going to go in a slightly different direction. Located in Irvine, CA Asking price is $1150. Shop in SoCal will install for $450 as it requires a lot of work. Let me know if interested 602-386-7145 (text)

    Ironman on s fatty

    That's pretty cool...!! This Guy Crushed Ironman Texas on a Fat Bike
  11. wdukes

    Ironman Torsion bar help....

    I got my new Profoam shocks, coils and torsion bars instructions. Even online info is not clear. Torsion Bars say LH and RH. I drive a US LHD 100 series. Is RH driver's side pr passenger for me? Springs say N/S and D/S. I was told D/S was printed for Australia, but nothing in...
  12. F

    Ironman Front Strut Problem

    Hey everybody, I noticed a squeaking noise from the front suspension only when going over speed bumps at perfect 90 degree angle such that both front tires flex up and down the same. No noise during angled approaches or normal driving. Inspection reveals that my Ironman front strut cylinder...
  13. soreneagle

    Ironman bumper install

    I bought this Bumper from MetalTech last month and finally got around to the install. We were already in Salem, OR so I ran up to Newburg and loaded up a bumper and sliders. John Love was great, showed me around the place and took all my money, not that much actually. Below is a short video I...
  14. Sandroad

    For Sale  Ironman Foam Cell Pro Shocks for 100 Series

    I have a full set of 4 Ironman Foam Cell Pro shocks for a 100 series Land Cruiser for sale. There are 2 of part number 45795FE and 2 of part number 45796FE. I purchased these for my ’04 and then had an opportunity to buy a 200 series Land Cruiser before I had a chance to install them, or even...
  15. landcrusher80

    Ironman panhard bushing failed

    Both of the the rear Ironman (#PAMHARD002) panhard rod Polyurethane bushings are done. Want to go back to OME bushings. Does anybody know the dimensions of the OEM ones? Hope the fit!
  16. Ohthetrees

    Intro and Sanity Check

    TLDR: Hello, I'm Cedar, just bought a LC, I want a mild lift, and I’m having trouble figuring out which springs to choose. Hello all, my name is Cedar, and I’ve been lurking for a few months, just bought my first LC, a 2001 with 177,000 miles in very nice condition. It passed a thorough 90...
  17. dubyahard

    Ironman 4x4 Lift

    This happened a few weeks ago and I'm just now posting. My FZJ80 40th had stock springs and Bilstein 5100s with unknown mileage on them. Needless to say the ride wasn't the best. There was a lot of roll, and with old seats, there was not a lot of support. Add in a CVT Mt. Shasta my wife gave...
  18. Matador98

    Ironman Lift w/KDSS on 2004 GX

    Guys, been a LONG time since I've posted, and I've never posted in here! I've had a daily driver GX with KDSS for 3 years now, and like everybody else, my suspension is weak and an airbag finally leaks. So over Christmas vacation, it's all getting replaced and ripped out. I'm fairly new to...
  19. MScruiser

    Meet "Fat Amy" my Amazon Green 200 Series

    Table of Contents: I sell my 40 Meet "Fat Amy" my Amazon Green 200 Series I get my 200 Meet "Fat Amy" my Amazon Green 200 Series Weathertechs Meet "Fat Amy" my Amazon Green 200 Series Duratrac Wranglers Installed Meet "Fat Amy" my Amazon Green 200 Series TRD Rock Warriors Meet "Fat Amy" my...
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