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Feb 22, 2020
Portland Oregon
Hey y'all,

Been lurking for a while I just wanted to post a short intro. I recently purchase a 1990 toyota 4runner 2nd gen with a 3L turbo diesel swap. I've got a 6inch lift with 33 super swampers its a fun rig to drive i love it a lot. I've been doing lots of research over the past few months trying to build my knowledge on this new engine. I'm actually currently in the process of a rebuild as well and my turbo is seized. I'm tossing around the options of what to do for a new turbo. I've seen people recommend on here the ct12b turbo. Supposedly the old owner of this vehicle got a turbo/intercooler from an old NPR box truck and put it on.. I do feel like he cut a lot of corners and went the easy route and im going to be fixing a lot of s*** that was half assed. It ran well for 4 months and blew up on the highway one morning on my way to work. I'm rebuilding the head and going to be replacing a ton of s***. My questions are what do you think I should do for a turbo replacement. I have access to a td04 from a wrx that I could rebuild and try to use. If there is a kit of some type that I can get to help me out a bit and give me less headache im up for that route. I know that someone has done it before.

Just seeking help and knowledge. Any info is appreciated.

Have a good day!
Jun 13, 2005
Centre of the universe
The wrx turbo maps well for that displacement and will be pretty responsive. I'd favor it over the Toyota turbo only cus aftermarket parts are unber plentyfull for td04s and will be for another hundred years. Does the WRX turbo have a regular compressor outlet you can slip a hose on or does it have a flat flange with two bolt holes? The regular outlet design is much easier to work with and is much much more reliable than the flanged type.

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