Intro and Fuel Tank

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Jan 29, 2007
Ventura County, California
This is my first post so I wanted to introduce myself. I have owned my 1974 FJ55 for just over a year now and I am relatively new to the hobby. From browsing the site for awhile I have seen how helpful and knowledgable you guys are. I can use all the advice and help you guys can give. In addition to it's current status as my daily driver I am planning on using it as our family off-roader.


The day we brought him home.

So far some of the mods include:
  • replacing the speedometer and fuel gauges
  • changing the wheels and tires
  • replacing the fuel tank
  • replacing the rear window seals
  • spraying the grille, front and rear bumpers with truck bed liner
  • removing the torn headliner
I will post updated pics soon.

Upon getting the truck home, and noticing a strong fuel smell, we discovered that the p.o. had thought it wise to drill through the cargo floor and directly into the fuel tank! :idea: So after replacing the tank with a Man-A-Fre long range tank I am now left with a stock tank with a not-so-stock hole. I don't know if the hole is repairable but I thought it a shame to throw it away before asking if anyone wants it.



Stock tank.


Not so stock hole.

I live in So. Cal. if anyone is interested.

Pictures Take 2

Sorry about that! Here are the pics!
Bob's Baby Pic.jpg
Fuel Tank 1.jpg
Fuel Tank 2.jpg
Very nice. Looks like there are a lot more tanks out there than I thought. I've got a spare in my garage also. Thought I'd judt hold on to it until someone needed one.
That hole should be pretty easy to repair.

Nice piggie!
Nice lookin PIG....what kind of seats are in the front?
Most old school radiator shops will be able to fix that hole in the gas tank as well. Make a few'll find one.
Nice lookin PIG....what kind of seats are in the front?
The seats are Stratos brand. P.O. put them in and they are fairly comfortable once you get in them but they have a hard side bolster that makes it a bit tough to get in and out.
Thanks for the posts!

I am currently using a M-A-F long range tank and therefore have no use for the stock one. I just don't want to throw something out that might be of value to someone else. Does M-A-F or SOR take this type of item? I am near both.

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