inside door handle springs

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Feb 21, 2006
big thank you to fj55-100 and Double Nickles :beer:;
got the handle brackets but now one of the springs holding the handle and returning it back into place in the bracket broke :frown::bang: have been searching threads and also looking for replacement springs for last week and haven't found any substitutes; :hmm:ideas hugely appreciated............all mine are rusted to hell :frown: anyone else have this problem?; also sources for the little plastic clips holding the door opening rods in place as can be seen scrapdaddys post oct 13th 2015
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I have some extra plastic clips I'll send you. If you want send me your address in private conversation and I can get them out.

:hmm:Really a weird shaped spring straight in the middle where crosses bracket and then the two extensions that hold it in place; haven't run across anything that remotely resembles it;
got the AR spring bars but sadly don't think they will work :bang: AR Spring bar has 4 coils; the Toyota has 7; the bar itself is a lot longer than the Toyota + trying to figure out a way to bend the latch part "outer part" of the spring where it catches into the plastic circled in yellow 🤬


IMG_9363[1] springbar.jpg
:hmm: they are what the orthodontist uses; he can make a nice curve with them to fit brackets over teeth 😬 all I seem to be able to do with needle noses is to make a sharp "V" :bang:

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