Wanted In the market for 1965 and older fj40, prefer as rust free as possible

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1964 FJ45

Still looking.
I know of a 65 with hard top in Vegas. Original engine, missing transmission. Seems to be all original paint. Small amount of rust in rear sill. Looks all original though. I've talked to the owner a couple times over the past couple years but never really closed a deal. I didn't really need it bad enough to really talk price, but I can probably put you in touch with him if you need.
PM sent jet ranger. Still in the market. Let me be a little more specific of what i am looking for, prefer a running driving car however I have a complete 2f sm420 ready to bolt into the right candidate.
Still in the market, can close quick. I am in utah
My 64 hardtop will be completed in a couple months. Nut and bolt. Buy early you can even pick the color. Check my signature for build thread.

$$ is negotiable. ..but won't be cheap. ;)

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