IH8MUD Stocker: intro

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Feb 1, 2007
Lex, NE
First I would like to thank everyone that is a part of this website the wealth of information is awesome and a little bit intimidating.

I have had my LC for a little over a year, I would for State Farm insurance in auto claims and just happen to get a file for another member of the website and he told me all about IH8MUD, I have been hooked ever since. At first I was going to put the cheap cow guard in the front and do a few small things to make the LC look cool but you guys take it to the next level I love it. So here is my 1996 no lockers I got it from a Dentist in Valentine NE so little worried about rust but it is in farely good shape and a couple front end accidents with deer but all the service records were there and I had a connection and he was trying to get rid of it CHEAP!

I have put an ARB front bumper on the front (thank you to all for opening my eyes to the damage mulitplier as I hit a deer with the ARB last summer no damage! Next I had the Eclipse AVN 7000, with Ipod connection installed with Boston speaker 6" in the front and 5 1/4" in the back with a rockford fosgate amp P400-4 great sound! Next was seat covers that I got from Toyota for the front and rear seats I didn't get them for the 3rd row as it is not used all that often. And then I have had the Auto dimming mirror with temp and compass without the lights as the Navigation puts out plenty and who needs map reading lights when you have navigation? Here are some pics of the front and mirror
Front Car.jpg

Front Inside.jpg

Front Car.jpg
Front Inside.jpg
Hey, welcome aboard! I work for the farm in Houston, TX in fire claims. You're starting down a slippery slope with the modifications. It's an addiction!
That was one of the first things I did, runs great I have about 189,000 miles on it right now. For now it is my DD but I am looking to sell my 94 Ford Explorer and get a little car to drive back and fourth.

With that ARB up front, it's not quite a stocker. :D

Anyway, welcome!
Welcome and nice looking rig! Do you think I can get a closer look at that head unit? I am in the process of setting up and installing my audio system and I;m kinda dreading the whole head unit installation! I have a Kenwood head unit that has a touch screen panel that comes out like yours does! What worries me is the way the dash comes out a bit over where the factory stereo is located!
Welcome aboard!
Welcome Welcome
Welcome and nice rig! :flipoff2:

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