Idle solenoid took a dump

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Jan 22, 2003
Has anyone repaired an idle solenoid? Loks like the only thing that could go bad is the insulation around the hot wire. Or should I just replace? Can you get one from Toyota??
Ed Long :dunno:
Typically you can put in a new ground wire.
I repaired mine by snipping off the pintle. Used to have to do it all the time on Ford Escorts. I believe the soliniod is there for hot shut off emissions, although it could help prevent dieseling as well, especially in countries with crappy fuel.

I had planned on getting a new one eventually, but never did.
Thanks Todd,
I'm going to take the thing off and see if it works. The wire is probably worn bare. Never though about removing the plunger(pintle?)
After I did the HEI swap I had to find a new ignition-on wire for the carb. The insulation was used to being bent one direction and I routed it in a different one. Jim Chenoweth suggested using liquid electrcal tape to reinsulate it. That is cool stuff.
Ed :)

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