I smell unburnt fuel from the engine bay when running-I'll try giving background (1 Viewer)

Aug 28, 2003
Pearland, TX
I originally thought my problems may span from the TPS but...

But the more I am tinkering-the more I don't think the TPS is the
problem. I felt my engine was running VERY rich due to an unburnt
fuel smell I have been getting in just the last 10-15 days.

I have kept nearly immaculate service on this engine-replacing
EVERYTHING leaking, wrong, etc with "new" Toyota parts-anyone who
knows me knows I HATE aftermarket drivetrain products by experience.

I noticed a small sweating below the intake/exhaust manifolds against
the engine beside 5/6 cylinders. At first I thought it was my block
heater leaking a bit-so I drained took out, re-greased and installed a
new gasget, for tight re-install. The Sweating was/is sooo thin it is
hard to pinpoint its source and is too thin to put a finger on and get
enough to identify a smell. Then I thought it was my valve cover
gasget as I had done my valve clearances not too long before noticing
this-took off again-cleaned up-checked the gasget
texture/condition-all was good. the "Stain" of the sweating was
there-but I figured-"Yeah man, I got this licked now."

Now I get a bad fuel smell and within the last 10-15 days my mileage
has dropped by like 2mi/gal-highway. And while in Moab my bro noticed
a slight blow of darker exhaust-rich-but only one time in 3 days of
driving. I now think it may be my intake/exhaust gasget and the
intermittent "rich" looking exhaust is CPU compensation for lost fuel
at these cylinders from a leak-could I be somewhere on target here?

What says the list?? And I can't imaging the "split" I-manifold is
THAT prone to warpage. Do you think it may by #5 or #6 injectors??

I am somewhat strapped by time to do a long weekend fix, so wondering
if anyone may have some other ideas to hush my paranoia.

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