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Sep 15, 2005
Denver, CO
OK, been working on my "new" LC, baselining everything, replacing the PHH (Thanks Robbie!!) and of course trying to get rid of the CEL. The first time I pulled the codes, I got 4 of them, so I reset and hoped for the best. Came back right away, and it was the rear knock sensor. After a couple of weeks of frustrating attempts, I finally got a used sensor (thanks Robbie!!) and yay, no more light! Until the next morning. Sigh. But this time resetting it worked, and on my trip up to Breckenridge and back, my power felt a little better, and my gas mileage went up 30%! Then the light came back. Pulled the code last night and it is P0301, Cylinder 1 misfire. Replaced the #1 spark plug last night just for fun, but the light came back on the way to work this morning. I am getting scared to look down at the light anymore!! I will order some OEM plugs and wires from CDan once he is done with inventory, but just wanted to see if there were any thoughts on the 301 code. A search turned up nothing here on 301 codes, but Googling it found some related threads in other boards. I am replacing a lot of the wires anyway when I replace the head gasket in a few weeks (thanks Robbie!!), it looks like they may have rubbed a little. Anyway, just sharing frustration, but I am actually having fun again working on my Cruiser. :eek:


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