Hydrolic Clutch Line

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Aug 29, 2003
I have what looks to be a hydrolic clutch update that spector sells as a kit. I have to replace the steel line and the threaded fittings on the end. I am having trouble matching them up at the local auto parts store. Anyone know what size and pitch they are. Any help is appreciated, Bob.
They are both 10mmx1.00. Master cylinder end is double flare and the slave cylinder end is inverted flare.
Looks like I was mistaken in identifying the master cylinder. Apparently it is OEM. After some research and reading Jeff Zepp's write up on his clutch master cylinder I have come to realize the fitting I have is the old one which according to the article is the old British thread type.

The question is where do I find one of them or do I need to replace the whole assembly. Using the old fitting is out of the question as they do not work any longer. I have tried local auto stores with the new info but have not found it. Help please?

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