How hard is pulling a pison to replace a pin??

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Dec 31, 2006
South New Jersey
I need some help. I'm average around the shop. I have never taken a head off, but will need to pull for the removale of a piston. Mechanic said I have a piston pin making noise in one of the back three. Is this a straight forward job that someone with average skills and basic hand tools could accomplish. It's a FJ62, had the engine rebuilt less than 7,000 miles ago but timed out on the work.
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do you have a 60 or a 62? really time consuming not hard but you may find alot of hidden cost that you did not think was there before.:beer: edit. get a fsm if you have not already
pull the oil pan and go from the bottom, leave engine in rig..maybe that's common knowledge..but is a way I was told to to a quickie on a ring job..

I have no experience wit it..
If you have pin noise, it most likely will need more than replacing the pin. The piston and rod will have taken a beating if there was indeed a pin issue. A "farm rebuild" thats a rebuild with out engine removal is possible, however it is an involved process (major surgery).

Dynosoar :zilla:
I had planned on pulling the oil pan a pushing the piston and rod out the top then replacing the bad piston with a new piston and rod. I really want to save this engine its only got about 7,000 miles on rebuild. (Guess not a very good rebuild though)
The pistons have to come out the top so the head does have to come off. I had an issue with my wristpins following a rebuild. One piston was seized so bad that it needed to be replaced. The other 5 pistons were honed to achieve the pin to bore clearance spec'd in the book. I never found a good explanation of what caused the problem. Maybe the clearance was just too small to begin with.

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