How can I get more flex out of the front end?

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One Bashed Up 80
Mar 27, 2003
My front end does not flex very good. How can I get more flex? Disconnect the swaybar?
Go three-link.
Due to the nature of the front arms and the design, at some point you will max out the available movement in the rear bushing and it will not flex anymore.

Loosing the front swaybar does nothing for ramp testing but it does make the truck handle a lot better in rock crawling.

To make it really work, you have to go to a three link, and loose the two mounting points per arm on the axle side. However that is a whole can of worms that you open up.

We ran out of time on the ShortBus to get that done for Cruise Moab. It will be the next change we make to the truck when time permit. Now it is time to enjoy it for a while.
So loosing the front swaybar will make it handle better in the rocks but I will not gain anymore flex? So then what does it do exactly?

Did you think about wristing one of the radius arms on the trail rig? It seems to work for the Bronco guys. There's a little about one of the Tough Trucks set ups in the 4 wheeler I got last night. I didn't look at it close but they say his axle tubes rotate somehow.

If I come across aother killer deal on a control arm, I'm thinking of making a wristed one to put on my 40 with 80 front suspension, just to see the difference.

If I get my lazy ass off the computer, I hope to be driving the 40 today.  :D

edit: Didn't make it, but really close. Stinkin' relatives comin in are gonna keep me from wrenching again until Monday. :cry:

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