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Mar 8, 2006
Tapping in the front of my engine. I have taken off the alternator belt/power steering and smog pump belt. Still doing it. I crawled under it and the tapping sound seems like its coming from the bottom front right under the crank.

I tried to make a home made stephescope and I cant really tell. Any ideas. Think maybe the timeing chain?

The rig has 217K on it, was told when I bought it the motor was replaced at 150K

Any ideas what I can look at in the morning?

I apreciate any advice.
The sound is a consistant tapping sound. Sounds like a lifter tap. It is consistan with the speed of the motor. I can hear it from the front of hte motor, on the bottom. I crawled under the motor and its definatly from under the motor near the crank shaft pully.

I tried to make a home made stephescope with a wood dowl, but it did not really help.

I tried to make a home made stephescope and I cant really tell. Any ideas. Think maybe the timeing chain?

I apreciate any advice.

Timing chain? Ah haha.Hey brother I'm pretty sure all engines used from the factory in FJ 60's have gears.I know the 2F's do any way.If its near the front of the engine and it's making a tapping sound it could be coming from the fuel pump or something related to it.The fuel pump arm or nub on the crank(I'm pretty sure its the crank pushing on it) might have worn down enough to where it makes a slight tapping noise.It could be faking you out too it may really just be the valves could use some adjusting,or maybe even a lifter towards the front of the engine is going south.If its not really loud and truck runs good and the valves are adjusted I wouldn't worry about it too much.High mileage engines sometimes make extra noise just from sloppy tolerances.Thats just IMO though.

check for fuel pump spacer

There is a spacer that goes between the fuel pump and the block. Sometimes people don't pay attention and don't notice the spacer. They pitch the old pump in the trash and install the new one from the parts house which does not have the spacer. Then, the lever on the pump does not ride on the cam correctly. Just a thought. The spacer is about 1/4" thick.
Put a long screw driver against the area and put other end against ear (handle against ear, driver against engine)

Put it right on the fuel pump first, the pump works off the cam, as stated above,the lever in the fuel pump could be going bad...low on the right front end of the engine you'll find the fuel pump
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