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Jan 3, 2003
My timing mark has worn off and I can't seem to get it set correctly. It is close but hesitates when i accelerate. I can't feel much of a difference in the engine as I try to set it. It either stays pretty much the same as it is now or gets really bad and I lose lots of power. I have just done the full tune up but could the hesitation be caused by something else. It is more of an annoyance really right now but anything that might help the feul economy I would definately like to do.
I know from your profile at Specter you have a 70 FJ40 and I assume you are talking about that rig here. Are you sure your timing mark is worn off? It should be a shiny BB on the flywheel. I can see how it might be dirty but I'm not sure how it would wear off. The TDC mark on the flywheel is a lot less visible, though. Is that what you mean?
Well my cruiser mechanic (I am just getting into the engine workings and such-like electrical but not so good with the mech yet) and he showed me where it should be and that there is nothing there. He had cleaned it and I couldn't see anything(though not exactly sure what I was looking for). He set it best he could he and said and for me to adjust as neccessary as I drove it but I can't seem to get it right. I will check again tomorrow and repost. What am I looking for exactly?
Well, there's a 1 1/2 inch or so window onto the flywheel at the firewall just to the passenger side of the engine.  It is down low and you have to look past the coil and spark plug wires to see it properly.  There is a pointer on the window that comes from the outer side.  As the flywheel turns, you can see a little bit of it in the window.  When the engine is at 7 degrees before top dead center, a 2-3 millimeter raised ball bearing that is imbedded in the flywheel becomes visible in the window.  This is your timing mark.  If it is above the needle, your timing is advanced; below the needle is retarded.
If your timing is off you won't see the ball bearing at all. Again, I am not sure how it could have worn off, since it doesn't have anything to wear against, and it is protected in the bellhousing. You would have to take a grinder to it to remove it.
Sounds like your cruiser mechanic is looking for the
timing mark on the crankshaft pulley. If he is, it
might be time to look for a new cruiser mechanic
because this one does not know too much about
these machines.

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