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Apr 6, 2011
Looking for some alternative advice. The 5 speed in my 85 landcruiser wagon is gone (4 cylinder diesel). All the ones we go to look at and the ones in other cruisers (4 sale cheap) are all in same condition with bearing bits in pan and 5th starting to slip out. I assume a 4 speed would suck on the highway. is their any alternatives to rebuild (4 to 5 gs) or the used ones outa Vernon (2 gs and i worry about the condition). Its kinda a beat up old work wagon but I love it and would like to keep it rolling.
Aug 16, 2009
You might have better luck in the 60 series forum, or maybe the Diesel...

This is for 80 series Land Cruisers (not 1980's :))

60-Series Wagons

Unless I'm missing something?

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