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Jun 28, 2012
i am from Oman
and we have here many grades for the lc200

help decide which one is the better off road
first the standard model
4.0 v6 271hp
rear lsd no a-trac
no kdss
with steel wheels 245/75 r17
this model feels higher than and without running boards

the v6 higher model gets rear diff lock

4.6 v8
no kdss no a-trac
and rear diff lock

4.6 v8
with kdss and diff lock no a-trac

and finally
4.6 v8 and 5.7 v8
kdss, crawl control and all the tricky traction controls
the problem with this model is the spoilers which are compromising the angles

what do you think is the kdss worth it
and what about the crawl control
for your information i will do alot of sand driving and fast driving in gravel roads
in the summer season there is alot of mud because of the little drizzle in this time of the year

i will buy in the end of this year

and here is the e-bruchore with specification

for your information we can get two spare wheels

what do you think
If money is not a concern I would go with the 5.7L becuase i love the extra power when needed on the street and mud.

However, I'm not a fan of atrac and crawl, but I'm a big fan of the KDSS.

I would either go with the 5.7L with rear locker installed and atrac off, or the 4.7L option with the kdss and factory rear locker.
I am already leaning towards what you suggested
I think the 5.7 will be more fun in the sand and on gravel roads. The rear locker is tempting but these things aren't rock crawlers.
Are you sure the 4.6 GX-R comes equipped with KDSS as well as rear lockers ?

I know For a fact KDSS is only available on VX-R models and they have been coming without the rear locker option since 2008 , instead they have A-TRAC .
The standard VX-R model have kdss 4.6 v8 and rear locker no crawl control
I never knew that ! Feel free to post pictures once you actually purchase the vehicle .

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