Heater problems, the slider when either all the way cold or hot makes a clicking sound and there is no heat. (1 Viewer)

Nov 17, 2018
Erie, PA
On my LX450 with auto AC the heater control valve and air blend door would not function. The PO had messed with the radio and left the connector for the servo disconnected. Its behind the radio.
Not sure how the 95 is designed but someone stated it DOES have the servo. The servo on mine has an internal switch that tells it when to stop..perhaps the contacts are not functioning and its cycling.
I know you replaced the heater control valve but does the wire controlling it move? If so, is it cycling in and out?
Apr 15, 2019
Leavenworth wa
The wire controlling it does move. But I have it disconnected and the valve wide open just to take out that variable. I also do not get heat to my rear heater either. I read a few places that the thermostat has to have 2 gaskets on it. Does that only apply to the 3fe motor or does that also apply to the 1hz?
Please help. It's cold

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