Heated Seats for JDM VXL 80 series build start

Sep 25, 2015

Decided to get an early start on heat seaters before winter sets. AC compressor just arrived so hopefully get that done soon for July. Mine is a 96 1hdft VX limited.

Anyway decided to take drivers seat off to have a look. Was perplexed by this blower but found out its for rear heat.

Looked under passenger seat, Did not see any cables but as i understand it now; there is 3 connectors under center console. 2 for the seats and one for the Center fridge. I'm ordering the rocker switches from ebay Japan. Don't see any under $140 CAD online. Apparently some other toyota/lexus models fit into the OEM connector. I will ask MOT.

As I understand you need to extend the wires to plug into the connectors under the center console. I did see another empty connector under the seat? Not sure what thats for.

Any input would be great. THX!

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