Harmonic Balancer/Crank Pulley

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Mar 16, 2003
Olympia, WA
I got home from passing emissions today and noticed a clunking sound coming from under the hood of my 1968 FJ-40 with the stock F engine.

Inspection showed that the harmonic banancer/crank pulley was pretty much loose and bouncing around on the crank.

This is apparently a pressed on pulley as there is a hole in the end of the crank but no threads.

Just how sunk am I on this one? I tried both the pulley that was there and another 2 pulley one that I picked up some time ago and they are both pretty loose on the crank. I have some of the permatex bearing retainer stuff for worn parts, but I don't know if that will be strong enough to hold stuff in place.

It looks like the pulley would stay in place being held in place by the belt, but that can't be good having it bounce around like that.

Any suggestions/fixes for this?

I think that you shoild have a huge nut on the front of the crank.  shered the key that holds the balencer off in my 69. It did the same wobling thing I had to get a pully, nut, and a key of a moter I had lieing around then I jb welded the new key in the slot (slot was prety tosted) then Beet the new pully on with a 2x4 then cranked the nut on has held up for three months now. I know jb weld sucks but it was that or put in a new crank.

If you need a good single pully I have one.
From what I understand, sometime in mid year 1969 they changed from a pressed only pulley to one that has the nut. Mine does not but I think I have come up with a solution.

I got to looking at it a little closer tonight. The crank has a hole in the end of it, but it not a very big diameter hole. I should be able to drill it out and then thread the hole. After that it should just be a matter getting a bolt and a couple big washers to secure the pulley to the crank. I think that the double pulley that I have will work just fine for this, and that gives me the option of hooking something like power steering in the future.
They make a tool to reinstall the harmonic balancer pulley. When I changed my single pulley on my 67 for a double pulley for power steering, I had brass shims on the crank shaft. The hole in the end of the crank is for the pin for the removal of the harmonic balancer
I have a 64 I am reassembling and concerned about a loose fitting crank pulley. It does not seem to be a tight enough compression fit. Did you guys fined a solution.

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