Hard Starting now with obd code P0304

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Dec 17, 2003

I've got a 1995 lc with ~100k miles on the clock. Recently I've had some problems with the truck being hard to start and then having problems maintaining idle if the truck hasn't been started for a day or three. If it gets driven every day there's no problem either with starting or with the idle. I didn't drive it yesterday and this morning it took a fair bit of cranking to get it to turn over. After starting it ran really rough, stalling once when it was again hard to start up. After about two miles the idle smoothed out and it was running fine but the check engine light came on. The truck started fine at lunch and I drove it home without incident and pulled the obd code, P0304, misfire on cylinder 4. I cleared the code and drove back to work again without incident. As background the plugs were changed at ~90k, I believe the wires were changed by the po at the dealer when in for the 60k service and I checked the resistance of the wires when I changed the plugs and they were fine. Any thoughts on where to bgein looking?


I'd try switching around the #4 spark plug with another cylinder's (or just put in a new one- they're cheap), then if that doesn't localize the problem, try switching the #4 spark plug wire with another cylinder's to see if that does it. If not, try a new distributor cap if it has not been changed in a long time.
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